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Postby JoTheBuilder » 21 Dec 2015, 09:28

Hi All,

As you know the Marrick Cafe has changed hands. Gerard, the new owner, is keen to ensure we are a happy bunch of cyclists and has asked for feedback as per the below. He will also be closed over Christmas and the dates are as follows:

"Just letting you know that we will be closed from 1.00pm on the 24/12 and re-opening again on Monday 4/1, so we will be closed for two weekends.

If you could please share this with the group I would appreciate it.

Also I would be interested to get any feedback from the group in the following areas,

Level of service-perhaps a rating and a comparison with the previous owner.
Quality of coffee
Quality of food
I would welcome any other feedback.

Thanks for the ongoing support and I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas break.



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Postby Eleri » 21 Dec 2015, 14:25

Hey! That's the first time we've ever been asked. :-) So off to a good start there.

People mention speed in getting their coffee / food. Now this isn't a problem I've had I have to say.

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Postby Dave_Ranx » 22 Dec 2015, 19:30

Gerards a good bloke. Service has been great and he hasn't looked twice when i change my name to keith on the order ;) One small suggestion, can he make the banana smoothie in the tin milkshake cup a permanent thing. Otherwise happy with everything else.


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