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Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 08:06
by Eleri
Michele Moss (aka Michele and Pete) got hit by a truck on the way to Saturday Slowies yesterday morning. Michele is a long-term member of the club, regular on Saturday Slowies and will often meet the Wednesday morning bunch at St Jude's for coffee.

The accident happened on Victoria Road and fortunately a driver told Dougie that a rider had an accident so I was able to divert from Slowies to briefly see Pete before he left.

The ambulance was there when I arrived and the police turned up straight after. The truck driver was still there at the scene.

Michele is in RPA with a fractured pelvis, collarbone and nose.

The club is rallying round and helping where we can. Updates to come later.

Re: Michelle Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 08:11
by marc2131
What terrible news Michele. Get well soon.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 12:19
by Stuart
Terribly saddened that one of the clubs most fabulous and dedicated members has been taken out by a SMIDSY. Sending out the love and wishes for a fast and complete recovery. My thoughts on Sydney truck drivers best left for private discussion.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 16:09
by Colin Campbell
So sorry to hear this news. Hope Michele recovers quickly and gets back on the front of Slowies.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 19:31
by Anthony K
This sends a chill through my bones.
Get well soon Michelle.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 21:34
by AnthonyI
Wishing you a speedy recovery Michelle

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 21:49
by Johnj
Best wishes Michele and Peter from all at Chateau Croydon.


Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 21:54
by MarkL
My thoughts are with you Michelle and Pete.
Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Michelle!

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 17 Aug 2014, 22:11
by mikesbytes
Terrible news. Wishing Michelle the best for her recovery.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 20:11
by Eleri
Update: Michele is doing OK. Fortunately she doesn't need an operation on either her pelvis or collarbone and both are expected to heal - given time and rest. After seeing her on Sunday with panda eyes and stitched nose and hearing about the pain when she moved, it seems like things have moved on a lot!

I spoke to her on the phone this arvo and she's up and walking a little bit which is pretty amazing really. That didn't seem remotely possible on Sunday. Fortunately her collarbone is broken closer to the shoulder so not as painful as the more common cyclists break seems to be and she can move her arm.

Not sure how long she will be in RPA at the moment.

Pete and Michele are very grateful for the support received from club friends.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 19 Aug 2014, 21:12
by humanbeing
Great news, hoping you mend quickly Michelle.
Have a great ride,

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 20 Aug 2014, 15:48
by Johnj
I saw Michele in the hospital this morning. I was pleasantly surprised at how well she looks (considering her injuries). She's still feeling very sore, but she is able to walk with a walking frame. She will be out of hospital fairly soon, possibly as early as Friday, but will need to recover for six weeks before commencing rehabilitation. No operation is neded, just rest, and her fitness should help with recovery. Michele is keen to visit the cafe after slowies, but that might be a few weeks away yet.

Her injuries are serious, but she feels lucky that things aren't worse. It will be a few months before she's back on the bike. She thanks everyone for their kind words and assistance.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 23 Aug 2014, 15:04
by Eleri
Michele has been discharged from RPA and have temporarily moved in with club stalwarts Geoff and Marian in Ashbury. There’s stairs at their place in St Peters so that wasn’t going to work for Michele’s recuperation.

She’s getting around a little bit on a walking frame, which can't be easy with a broken collarbone as well.

Just spoke to Pete and he’s delighted to have got so many messages of support, visits and actual support from club people. They are very grateful and appreciative of all that.

Update on the driver - apparently he has been charged. The police have a report on their Facebook page.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 30 Aug 2014, 09:14
by Peter T
A message from Michele

I left hospital on Friday 22nd after 6 days in the Trauma Orthopaedic ward of RPA. And then we spent 5 relaxing days at Marian and Geoff’s place. They looked after me very well with a comfy bed and lovely meals.

Last Wednesday I felt strong enough to tackle the stairs at our place. It’s great to be home!

I am getting around with a light 4-leg frame and sometimes crutches. Prognosis is a further 4 weeks of rest for the fractures to heal then I can start rehab/physio. I am reasonably comfortable most of the time, only in the early morning do I feel stiff and sore.

As of yesterday I also have a wheelchair so we can get out to Sydney Park etc. Fortunately I can travel in our van going out!

Thank you all for the messages, phone calls, emails, texts, flowers, visits, food and well wishes. They mean a lot to me and made a big difference to my frame of mind in hospital and after.

Thanks for supporting Peter as well.

Amazing but true – my bike came through totally unscathed. And only one merino top was cut off in emergency! Everything else is fine for another ride probably sometime in October.

My thanks to this wonderful club.


Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 30 Aug 2014, 15:23
by simon.sharwood
Yay! I hope the recovery goes well, Michelle.

Re: Michele Moss

Posted: 30 Aug 2014, 17:28
by Trouty
Nooooo, not the Merino top? How dare they, surely they could have manoeuvred you out of it without cutting? Lol. Glad your recovery has been faster than expected, Michele P said you were doing much better. We will visit soon.