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Postby paul » 21 Mar 2016, 21:09

My turn as ride leader on Sunday’s C28s ended in an ambulance ride to Sutherland hospital. I was sent home about 3 pm, sore and bandaged, but no broken bones. Bike damaged, helmet destroyed. The cause of the crash was a touch of wheels in the bunch, which bought down the rider in front of me, and I went over him, with other riders crashing in turn.

Thanks to Geoff for waiting with me, and to Donna for the jacket.

There was some pretty poor riding before the crash. In particular:
  • Riders on the front sprinting away from traffic lights. This has a concertina effect and leaves riders behind struggling to get on.
    Leaving gaps. Riders chatting and not rotating with the bunch. Concentrate, and save the conversation for the coffee shop afterwards.
    Sudden changes of direction. Unnecessary violent swerves around small pot holes.
    Poor equipment: Gatorade bottle in a bidon cage, which fell out within 500 m. No lights.
In the interest of rider education, the following are pasted from the excellent Sydney Cycle Club Etiquette Handbook. ... c-2015.pdf

ACCELERATING: Accelerating away from lights and across lanes should be done in a more dignified manner than when you are on your own, so that other cyclists are not dropped.

HALF WHEELING: Half-wheeling is one rider always riding in front of his partner, which then puts the whole bunch out. It is essential that you keep level with your partner if at the front: keep your handlebars level with the handlebars of the rider next to you, rather than your front wheel level with theirs.

SITTING ON: Keep reasonably close to the cyclist in front of you and again keep level with your partner. If too much of a gap is left the bunch is always playing ‘catch up’. Keep your head and eyes up. Don’t watch the gap between bikes. Scanning ahead will give you early warning of changes.

Stay safe out there.

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Postby jonboy » 21 Mar 2016, 22:32

Hi Paul.

Glad to hear you're ok.

You've had a bit of bad luck with crashes. My last one was with you but that certainly wasn't your fault - or mine!

Stay safe out there people.

Hope the other riders who went down are ok too.


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Postby Eleri » 22 Mar 2016, 05:54

That's not good. Hope you are on the mend now Paul.

Some good points for all bunches to note and put into practice.

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Postby humanbeing » 22 Mar 2016, 12:16

Glad to hear you're ok Paul.
I'll be raising these points in the riders briefing this weekend.
Hope to see you back on the bike soon.

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Postby Stuart » 22 Mar 2016, 15:14

Glad you're Ok Paul. Hope to see you back soon. And to think I missed that bunch due to flat tyre (and laziness).

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Postby Nick L » 23 Mar 2016, 06:16

Hi Paul,
Glad to hear you're feeling better and hope to see you back on the bike soon, I was riding directly behind you and managed to miss the pile up. Great tips and advice for all of us regarding bunch riding etiquette.

Nick L.

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Postby JoTheBuilder » 23 Mar 2016, 16:39

Hi Paul,

Glad to hear you're on the mend and hopefully the bike heals well.

Very pertinent notes in your post and a reminder to everyone that we put a 'Tip of the Month' in our monthly newsletters that often covers some of the above. So please read.

paul L
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Postby paul L » 24 Mar 2016, 14:43

Take care Paul, glad nothing serious.


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