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Postby Andrew_Harvey » 30 Sep 2015, 13:51

Hi all.
I had my first confronting departure out of the city last night - without the College Street Cycleway to assist me southbound.
Many riders were weaving in amongst the two southbound lanes. It was looking dangerous and haphazard.
As I juggled that nightmare myself, I tried to think of alternatives but am striking blanks on what is safest.
Can anyone on the forum assist?
There is clearly many riders needing the same guidance.

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Postby Stuart » 30 Sep 2015, 13:56

which was do you go home from there? Thought about a change to using Anzac Bridge?

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Postby mikesbytes » 30 Sep 2015, 14:13

That's a bit of a shame Andrew, I've seen some suggestions of claiming the lane and riding at 20kph but that isn't going to work if its a parking lot.

Its been a while since I did commuting in that direction. I use to use Elizabeth st as its got a bus lane. I've also heard you can ride thru Hyde Park at shared path pace, can someone verify that?

And the new bike paths opened this week doesn't connect back to Oxford St, there's 20metres missing and that 20metres is one way in the opposite direction of a one way stretch

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Postby JoTheBuilder » 30 Sep 2015, 14:26

Andrew, I can recommend going up King, right on to Castlereagh. Turn left on to Liverpool and this leads you up to Oxford. I'm not sure if you'll hit any of the new bike paths going this way, they don't quite extend that far.

However, if I were you I would be going Castlereagh to Belmore Park, through to Central, up through Prince Alfred Park to the George St Cycleway and then right on to Redfern St then via Slowies route.

This is the way I go (but continue along George to Rockdale) so can show you one night if required.

I steer clear of Elizabeth Mike. Crazy with buses and so many lane changes made by cars/taxis/buses.

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Postby Andrew_Harvey » 01 Oct 2015, 06:35

Thanks guys. Will give Castlereagh a go first but you never know Stu, Anzac bridge might be next.

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