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Postby p_mayson » 04 Jun 2015, 09:35

The Club has decided to relaunch a series of adventure rides on a regular basis.

The aim of these rides is to provide further variety and challenge to the Club’s existing portfolio of weekly rides.

The details of each ride will be posted on the DHBC Forum (in a new thread), as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

General information as follows:

- DHBC Adventure Rides (Regular): Monthly. Aimed at C25s / C28s. Distance will generally be ~80-130km. Advisable to have successfully completed at least 3 x Waterfall rides to join

- DHBC Adventure Rides (Extended): Periodic. Aimed at C28s / Middies (or riders training for a specific event). Distance will generally be +130km

- Bunch will re-group at the top of climbs + when split by lights

- Bunch will be “no-drop” + stop for flats / mechanicals; however, if someone is physically struggling to continue, then they may be asked to explore alternatives

- Rides will generally be led by someone who holds appropriate accreditation from Cycling Australia

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