Tuesday Night Heffron Park Racing 6pm - 5:30 sign on

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Postby Liamo » 07 Oct 2014, 12:14

Tuesday Night Heffron park racing commences tonight and I've booked myself in online. No need to carry cash in your jersey pocket..you'll still need the printed confirmation. There is 12 race offer for $150 for the those who are able to commit. Race by race entry is $20


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Postby Beejay1188 » 08 Oct 2014, 18:28

do you race there every Tuesday night Liam? Might want to at least come and watch...


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Postby Liamo » 11 Oct 2014, 16:49

Tuesday was only the second time I've done it. Its a good race to watch as there is a guy on the loud speaker who's been doing a really good job of it for a really long time. Can't remember his name but someone may know I'm talking about

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Postby Jdubs » 14 Oct 2014, 11:34

How did you go Liam?

Got a mate who did this, and he doesn't recommend it. Says the RBCC guys take it too seriously at times.


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Postby Liamo » 17 Oct 2014, 01:09

Only a b & c grades on Tuesday night and it's very serious in comparison to other club races I've done. There is music, advertising banners and really fast riders!
I starter in c grade and fought for most of the race to hang on to the back of the group. B grade caught onto the back of c with half a lap to go but the winner came from our grade.
I missed this weeks race because of the weather but plan on racing next week.

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Postby Julio » 21 Oct 2014, 22:26

The bloke on the mic is Paul Craft otherwise know as Crafty.

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