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Postby Joe » 07 Aug 2014, 18:28

It looks like I'm again the first to post on this. As a previous team captain, MS have contacted me looking to raise interest.

However I smashed my arm recently so almost certainly won't be doing this ride this year.

Anyone interested should go ahead and create the DHBC team.

Also if anyone is interested I received the following info about a "breakfast of the stars".


Please find attached your invitation to our exclusive breakfast on 22nd August for you and any of your team mates who are keen to improve their cycling.

The breakfast will be presented by cycling greats Brad McGee, Ben Kirsten and SBS commentator Ricardo Goncalves and you will get to hear secrets and insights from the Tour de France plus learn the training tricks and tips for competition cycling.

Now should you decide to get a team together for the Gong ride then the another benefit of attending is, anyone who comes to the breakfast will be guaranteed a VIP place at the front of the pack, to leave the 2014 Gong start site prior to all other riders and have an opportunity to ride with the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) peloton.

I didn’t want you to miss out and we hope to fill up by next week!

To register call me on 0403729225 or use the following link.

http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/Booki ... ?eid=97052


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Postby timothy_clifford » 22 Sep 2014, 13:19

So are there any takers for the 'Gong ride this year? I'm contemplating it, but the memories of a few years ago are reminding why I have only attempted in once.

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Postby rtb » 23 Sep 2014, 07:39

Hi to one and all
I've started a team for the 2014 gong ride,I was unaware that the club may enter a team,
when registering it ask who I represented so I took the liberty of saying DHBC, as that is the shirt I will be wearing,
my niece (adult) and I will be riding and if anyone wants to joint the team it is 'Brooks Team',
We are really happy to have more people in DHBC shirts, using your network to raise a few more $ would also be useful but not necessary, Please join us. Be careful when looking for Brooks Team, as the is also a team brooks
Robert Brooks

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Postby Stuart » 23 Sep 2014, 17:28

DHBC "normally" registers a team and people join it. As I don't do this ride any more I can't speak for those riding this year.

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Postby Beejay1188 » 23 Sep 2014, 19:36

I'm registered but didnt join a team. I might just go along with Brooks team. What do you think your avg speed will be?

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Postby Jdubs » 10 Oct 2014, 12:17

I'm curious, why is no one doing it?

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Postby Dougie » 10 Oct 2014, 12:40

Jdubs wrote:I'm curious, why is no one doing it?

1. My mother in law's 70th birthday that day (that's probably only a reason for me not doing it though...)
2. It's a "zoo" with 8,000 riders all wanting to be on the same piece of road at the same time.
3. The Bicycle fundraiser space is now very, very busy.

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Postby Anthony K » 10 Oct 2014, 13:06

4. It is a week after Fitzes Challenge and brownie points do not grow on trees.

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Postby JoTheBuilder » 10 Oct 2014, 17:38

"Zoo" for me

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Postby Beejay1188 » 12 Oct 2014, 19:21

I got my package in the mail yesterday and I have a 6:15am start time.

I know we dont need to stick to that, but thought I'd ask...how fast a rider are you?

I'm probably 28's / borderline middies.

If youre about the same (or less) I'd be happy to ride along..not looking for PB's..

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Postby rtb » 27 Oct 2014, 14:25

Good to have you on the team
I've got a 6:30 and Emma a 6:45 start
We are planning on trying for the 6:30 Start together
Emma and I are planning 3.5 - 4:00 hours depending on traffic and wind
Would be good if as many DHBC shirts as possible could do a mass start and then spread out into various speeds
are most people happy with 6:30

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Postby Beejay1188 » 28 Oct 2014, 12:26

Hi Robert.

There is another DHBC rider doing it with me/us.

His name is Ian.

He was a strong Middies rider but is coming back from a 12 month layoff.

My start time is 6:15am, but am happy to do whatever as long as we dont get caught in the sardine tin that is the start line.

Did it two years ago and started around 7:30am and it was a disaster!

I'm happy to start at 6:30 at this stage, though I havent discussed this yet with Ian.

Is there any others out there doing this?


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Postby rtb » 31 Oct 2014, 14:57

Hi Steve if you wait at back of 615 start you can be a 6:30 and Emma will have to sneak in with me
Hopefully Ian can join us

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Postby Beejay1188 » 01 Nov 2014, 11:57

I'm happy with that...
People who know the ride have said to not even worry about the start line and just meet outside the Park and take off when you're ready. I'm happy to do either..

How about we swap mobile numbers and we contact each other around 6:15 and take it from there?

Mine is 0423 641916


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Postby Beejay1188 » 01 Nov 2014, 16:29


Ive spoken to Ian and he is happy to try to meet up with you guys so we can start the ride around 6:30am.

If you get this message, reply back sometime tonight that all is good, and I will check back here later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Both Ian and myself should be at the park around 6am.

I'm riding from Wolli Creek station, Ian is riding from Dulwich Hill

If you ring about 6:10am (if we haven't already found each other) we can then discuss final plans then.

Look forward to seeing you there..


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Postby Beejay1188 » 02 Nov 2014, 13:38

Thanks for a great ride guys...

Wind kept the avg time down a bit, but great company ensured it was a success.

cheers to all.

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