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Postby jcaley » 29 Jul 2014, 09:35

The Tour of August run by LACC starts 8am this Sunday with a "Kermesse" at the Penrith Regatta Centre. ... nts&pid=85
Bro, Taku, James R and I raced in last year's tour with Bro taking out E grade. There's no Razorback hill climb this year.
The full tour is
Stage 1 - Sunday 3rd August
8am Regatta Centre all Grades- Sprint Points

Stage 2 Saturday 9th August
2pm Horsley Park - KOM (laps 1 & 2)

Stage 3 Saturday 16th August
2pm Oakville - KOM (laps 2 & 3)

Stage 4 - Sunday 17th August
Lansdowne - Criteriums with Sprint Points
8am CDE
9:30am A,B
Followed by Presentation

Looks like Taku will join Bro and I this year. The more DHBC riders the better!

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Postby jcaley » 07 Aug 2014, 09:38

Race Report from last week
MAs Santos, Taku, Bro and myself braved the chilly start to spend a couple of ours racing around the penrith international rowing regatta centre. Max entered D grade, Bro and Tuku C grade, and I had a brain explosion and entered B grade. the format was essentially a points race with a sprint every third lap or so. Max was travelling OK until lost a lot of time after he dropped his chain and burnt his bickies getting back to the bunch. Bro gave taku a lead-out for one of the sprints which Taku didn't win but ... (not sure how he went). Bro thought he finished the race first after winning the final sprint but apparently there was another rider way away ahead with a wrong colour number that they didn't know about.... I hung onto B grade bunch getting back on each time after the sprinters disappeared off the front. In the end I crossed the line 10th but it counts for nothing in the tour because it was all on points. Bro is 4th on points in C grade.

This Saturday's stage is at Horsley Park. There are a couple of KOM laps nominated. Start is 2pm. the course is likely to be ... ong-course

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Postby jcaley » 09 Aug 2014, 20:39

The boys elected not to race Horsley Park today because we were told last night at RAW that a junior was refused entry previously on the basis that the distance is further than the maximum U15s are allowed to race on the road (35km). I reckon no-one would have picked Bro and Taku for U15s . So it was nice to find Tom and Simon Bolton as well as Liam at the carpark where everyone was assembling before the start. Tom, Liam and myself started in B grade and Simon in D grade. The ride starts with a km or so neutral section from the carpark to the course proper. B grade raced 4 laps of a 16km circuit over some rolling hills in semi-rural Horsley Park. Quite a few rough spots in the road but mostly ok. Luckily they warned us we might encounter dogs on the course. I stayed in the bunch feeling a little proud to be in the same race as Tom - did a couple of honest turns on the front when I somehow rose to position - and even joined a brief abortive attempt by Rohan Drummond (LACC) to break away. A third of the way into the final lap, the bunch left me behind up a hill and I never got back on, soloing home. Rohan cheered me up by pointing out that quite a few riders didn't even bother finishing. Note to self - don't ride on the front in B grade and definitely no break away!

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Postby Liamo » 13 Aug 2014, 14:40

I really like the road racing at Horsley Park and Oakville. Its great not doing the same circuit 20 times like some other races and the rough roads & varying terrain add to the racing! real shame about the hicks who literally put the race participants and their own dogs in danger. There was one dog owner in a car who sat on one side of the road and had his dog on the other and called him across just as we past... :x
Congrats to Tom on his effort to get the second KOM. Impressive!

I'll be heading to Oakville this Saturday (racing starts 2pm) and will most likely do Lansdowne on the Sunday

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Postby jcaley » 13 Aug 2014, 15:17

The dog that cut across in front of Liams bunch was one that you might mistake for a small cow at first glance - like it's head was higher than the top tube. Also, by the time I came along, a ride-on mower had thrown a thick blanket of grass clippings across 50 meters of the roughest bits of the road on the course, but I was able to ride through on the wrong side of the road . Bro and I are planning to do Oakville Saturday and Lansdowne, weather permitting.

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Postby blah » 13 Aug 2014, 17:12

How does it work out at Oakville? Do you just register on the day?

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Postby jcaley » 13 Aug 2014, 18:16

Yes, register on the day.
Stage 3 Saturday 16th August 2pm Oakville Public School, Ogden Rd Oakville.
Sign on from 1PM
A 70km B 63km, C 50km, D42, E 35km
KOM (laps 2 & 3)
Last year's 7km/lap course on google maps ... !3e0?hl=en

Kudos to Tom Boulton who won both KOMs in B grade at Horsley Park last week

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