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Postby GregPankhurst » 30 Oct 2013, 16:02

Hey All

Was doing sculptures by the sea today, and on my travels I saw Gaerloch Ave has been made one way for the duration of sculptures by the sea. If you are doing Eastern Suburbs Hills anticlockwise Gaerloch is the road than connects Tamarama to Bondi (known as the Tamarama Pinch on strava). As such people will need to plot an alternate route for the next 4 weeks.

I must say though, it might be worth avoiding the area period for the next 4 weeks. It was maxxed out today, in spite of being a cloudy Wednesday. Might make for some questionable driving/parking/pedestrian activity and thus dodgy riding conditions


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Postby jonboy » 31 Oct 2013, 05:41

Even if you're not on a bike I also recommend avoiding the area. I visited sculpture by the sea on Sunday.

With a couple of exceptions the quality of the artworks was the worst I've ever seen.

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Adrian E
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Postby Adrian E » 01 Nov 2013, 09:15

I did the eastern hills ride (anticlockwise) yesterday. There was no problem taking the detour in fact it made the ride slightly more challenging :-)

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Postby humanbeing » 01 Nov 2013, 09:51

Yep we ignored the detour on the Tuesday ride and flaunted the authorities, however the detour is a good little hill for a challenge.
Have a great ride,

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