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Adrian E
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Postby Adrian E » 25 Feb 2013, 10:17

On Sunday I rode with the middies bunch. We were a small group and had a mix of Sydney CC and RBCC riders tag along as we rode into Waterfall. When we turned around the overpass, Stephen B from SCC yelled out at everyone with a warning to take it easy and go in smaller bunches if we were doing a paceline. It was sound advice, espically as there was a lot of debris on the road from the storm a few hours earlier. I backed off straight away and rode my own way back with Frazer (who'd had a puncture in the fasties) and Andrew. As we headed into Sutherland, I saw a large bunch of riders crowded across the breakdown lane just near the railway crossing. I yelled out at them in displeasure, thinking they's pulled up to change a puncture at this tight spot on the road. At the servo I found out a Sydney CIty rider had come down in the paceline just before the Sutherland spirit. Remarkable he seemed uninjured and was able to ride back to the servo... He'd lost some bark but was a very lucky man.

I know the Sutho sprint is a tradition, but the road is very tight and sketchy through that final corner towards Loftus. I enjoy doing a paceline and hitting it out on a training ride, but I'm not going contest a sprint through that section of road anymore. I just don't think it's safe or wise to do so.
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Postby timothy_clifford » 25 Feb 2013, 10:42

Ouch. Glad everyone is OK.
I still can't believe that people rode yesterday. Too much wind for this big duck.

I view the Mad Mile Sprint as a good training point. After 60kms can I still kick into a sprint?

Maybe the solution to the problems with the Mad Mile Sprint isn't the sprint itself, but the perceived "finishing line". For me it has always been after the tram tracks. Perhaps we need to "move" it to the top of the little rise, before the lights where the road is still nice and wide.

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Postby JoTheBuilder » 25 Feb 2013, 12:55

Also glad to hear he was ok! Sounds like a lucky guy...

Does this also involve the Farnell Ave lights from a previous post?

shrubb face
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Postby shrubb face » 25 Feb 2013, 13:54

The sprint finish is just after the divided section of the rawson avenue finishes, there is actually a faded white across the road. I dont think its feasible to 'move' the sprint to any other location, its always been in the same location and marks the end of the fast return section.

The sprint isnt really anymore dangerous than any other section back from waterfall. Ultimately if you have 25 people riding 10cm from each others wheel, there is always going to be a risk of crashing. Its up to every individual if they wish to take that risk.

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Postby marc2131 » 25 Feb 2013, 14:04

JoTheBuilder wrote:Also glad to hear he was ok! Sounds like a lucky guy...

Does this also involve the Farnell Ave lights from a previous post?

Not sure about everyone else but I'm slowing down considerably once I come up to the Farnell Ave lights. After that taking a steady ride into Rawson St, past the station into the servo.

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Postby Nozzle » 25 Feb 2013, 19:43

I'd still sprint. It's my fave bit of the ride.

Might be a good idea to move the official sprint point back though as suggested. Agree there is a risk anywhere on the ride. We accept that risk when we set off each Sunday and crashes happen (I've got some nice scars to show for it too). If you want out on the return then peel off the pace line and solo it in to Sutho.

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Postby weiyun » 25 Feb 2013, 21:15

Given traffic rules and expected conduct on public roads, it's a sensitive "club ride" policy issue as well as for insurance purposes. It'd be smarter to not disclose your personal habit in public.

Too late, Google probably have already cached it!

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