Spoke Magnet - What am I Doing Wrong?

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Anthony K
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Postby Anthony K » 30 Oct 2014, 10:59

Once again I have gone to Fitzes Challenge and had problems with my spoke magnet wandering around while riding. It seems to be happy riding around Sydney.

I will be trundling down a hill ( hammering perhaps ) and hit a bump and the magnet moves.

I have the magnet screwed up as tight as I dare given the metal side screws into plastic. I have stripped a few of the plastic bits in the past.

Should I be gluing the magnet to the spoke?

Should I be using a particular type of magnet?

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Postby Philip » 30 Oct 2014, 13:42

I once folded a tiny piece of emery paper around the spoke to give the magnet a bit more grip. I think glue would be just as effective.

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Postby Dougie » 31 Oct 2014, 16:10

Should I be using a particular type of magnet?
I use a spoke magnet that Fitz (see what I did there?) a bladed or aero spoke. there appears to be more "contact" between the spoke and housing creating a bit more friction to hold it in place. I have lost a few magnets that appear to be round spoke specific.

Maybe try loktite before glue. I haven't tried it myself however it would appear a few screws on my bike are secured with the stuff.

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