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by Phil S
14 Dec 2017, 13:32
Forum: Road
Topic: Xmas to New Years Rides?
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Xmas to New Years Rides?

A few people have signed up to the Rapha 500 Strava challenge (post 500km between Xmas eve and New Year's eve). Keen to put in some big rides if anyone that week if anyone is up for it? Sublime Point (this time we'll make it!), RNP, 5 Gorges etc? Xmas eve is on a Sunday - was thinking maybe a re-run...
by Phil S
07 Dec 2017, 16:45
Forum: Road
Topic: Orange Challenge - March 5th
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Re: Orange Challenge - March 5th

2018 edition is March 4th. Early bird closes next Friday. Was wondering how much interest there is in the 170km ride? Always more fun in a group :)
by Phil S
29 Nov 2017, 13:05
Forum: Road
Topic: Waterfall ride time change - What!
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Re: Waterfall ride time change - What!

There's a link in the DHBC November Newsletter email but just to save you the bother... You click here for Yes to the proposal to move the time and here for No to keep it the same https://dhbc.us3.lis...
by Phil S
12 Nov 2017, 20:02
Forum: Road
Topic: No Drop Adventure ride for all Sun 19th Nov
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Re: No Drop Adventure ride for all Sun 19th Nov

1. Neilm
2. John Hatt
3. Peter B
4. Katie U :D
5. Phil D
6. Dave O
7. Nick L
8. Jarrad S
9. Andrew m
10. Paula K
11. Justyn
12. Bruce Fry
13. Libby Fry
14. Hank/Lachlan
15. Helen R
16. Geoff S
17. Phil S

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