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This project will inspire a creative response to Road Safety, while raising awareness of Safe Passing Distance in a fun and colourful way…


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The printed stickers will be ideal for adhering to cars, windows, laptops, folders, books and other objects. Posters will be distributed to schools, councils, hospitals and Transport for NSW. These original and creative designs will be highly visible and will reach into new community audiences.

This design competition will open and be launched in January 2019, and entries must be submitted by Friday 12 April (end of NSW school term 1). Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club will review all entries and select a shortlist, in collaboration with Transport for NSW. During school term 2 we will ask for public input, to help select the winning entry in each of the four categories.

Long-term value from this project will include: reduced road trauma, lower healthcare costs, smarter use of shared infrastructure, better mutual understanding between drivers and cyclists, as well as a more harmonious road culture...

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Minimum Passing Distance (MPD) requires 1.0 metre of clearance for cyclists on roads with a speed limit of up to 60 km/hour, and 1.5 metres (speeds over 60 km/hour). The road rule exemptions permit motorists to cross lines (including double unbroken centre lines), to straddle lane lines and to drive on painted islands in order to pass cyclists, but only when it is safe to do so.

The MPD trial started in March 2016 (and it became a permanent road rule in May 2018), with the prospect of less harm to bike riders and greater cycling participation. The "Go Together" campaign has increased awareness of safe overtaking, but one-third of drivers are still not aware of the Safe Passing Distance rule. Baseline data from the MPD trial found that awareness of the rule had "increased for both cyclists (55 per cent pre-rule and 68 per cent post-rule) and drivers (49 per cent pre-rule and 67 per cent post-rule) between pre and post-rule survey." However, one year into the trial 78% of drivers still didn't know about the MPD road rule exemptions, such as being able to cross dividing lines and driving over flat islands...

This Design Competition features four Categories (the first prize for each sticker category is $500 cash plus 100 printed stickers of your winning design, while the winning poster designer will take home $1,500 in addition to 10 printed posters of their own design):

  1. Road Safety stickers for under 18-year-old entrants, with a message that is relevant to cycling
  2. General sticker entries with a Safe Passing Distance message, from any age group
  3. Sticker designs featuring the DHBC logo and colours, open to any age group
  4. Poster design, with safety messages about Minimum Passing Distance (especially the road rule exemptions) and greater scope for artwork/layout/creativity, open to any age group

Winning designs will be printed in full colour (sticker size 250 x 75 mm, poster size A2), and will be distributed around the Inner West and South of Sydney. Competition entries will deliver fresh creative content, new slogans, and marketing collateral to raise awareness of Safe Passing Distance.

Greater awareness of safe passing rules will reduce injuries and deaths on NSW Roads… It is only possible to move Towards Zero with much greater awareness and active enforcement of Minimum Passing Distance.

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Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC) is the club for cyclists in the Inner West of Sydney and is the oldest continually operating bike club in Australia (formed in 1908). We pride ourselves on offering fellowship among cyclists, regardless of experience, ability, aspirations, or the equipment you own. With 440 diverse members we are an inclusive club and cater for all levels of fitness, age, participation and cycling preference, be it road, track, mountain biking or even vintage and classic bicycles. Members are also active in cyclists’ rights advocacy and Road Safety initiatives. The distinctive red jersey of Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club is a common feature of Sydney roads, and is often seen around Australia and around the World…


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