Juniors Training — June 25 (this week)

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James Rogers
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Postby James Rogers » 23 Jun 2014, 15:49

Just a note that Colin will be away, and I am unable to make juniors training this week.

All is not lost, however, Eleri will run a shortened juniors session from 6pm—7pm. The older juniors (especially the ones racing RAW), might be best served training with the seniors, at least for this Wednesday.

Also, a reminder that Josie Talbot will be training for the Junior Worlds down at Tempe in late June and early July, starting this week. The Junior Worlds are in South Korea on a 333m concrete track just like Tempe and her coach wants her to be familiar with the track. Her Wednesday sessions will finish at 5 but you might get a bit of insight into the training regime of a world class track endurance rider if you get there a bit early.

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Postby Eleri » 26 Jun 2014, 19:59

Juniors Training report

Well that was an experience! I made my debut as Junior Track Coach and … the big news is no-one died. Or crashed. But some people looked rather tired by the end.

Only 11 at training on a cold night where fortunately the wind had died down. We got there to see Josie Talbot finishing off her day’s training with a motor pace. Josie is an U19 women’s rider who has been selected to ride for Australia at the Junior Track World Championships to be held inSouth Korea (7th – 12th Aug).

Our Juniors got on the track and after some warmup pacelines, the first race like event was a “chase the bunch”. Riders had to remember a number (while I cunningly wrote down their names in case they forgot their number) and then each lap I called out a number and that person had to sprint. And sprint until they caught up the bunch again. I think everyone was surprised by how many laps they had to do to catch up. And were wishing they had ridden just that bit slower when in the bunch.

Then we did a win’n’out. Most people ‘got it’ but after about 7 or 8 sprints everyone was stuffed and lay down on the grass. Especially those people who had to contest their sprints. And, guess what? That exact same race is on at RAW this Friday!
2 scratch races of 5 laps finished off the night’s racing. In the first scratch race the results were:
1. Laurence
2. Luke
3. Claude

In the second scratch race the results were
1. Max
2. Rohan
3. Sebastian

Thanks everyone for the training and especially thanks to Bernie who helped out by remembering people’s names, marshalling and encouragement.

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