Recognising DHBC Mentors - A long DHBC tradition of Mentoring

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By the late 2000s adult membership grew exponentially in the DHBC for the first time.
However between the 1900s and ‘80s, our club (like many other bicycle clubs) were dominated by children. This important point has since been forgotten.

Between 1908 and the 1980s it's membership was largely made up of children and juniors while adults took leading roles in mentoring these kids. While the tables have turned and middle-aged members now outnumber under 18s (since about 2008), this tradition continues today.

Back then kids were broken into distinct groups; juveniles (14-16 years), juniors (16-18 years and over). One was only admitted as full club member after reaching 18 years of age.

Here are some pics of DHBC kids during club events.

DHBC Juvenile TTT team from 1952. These guys were NSW state champions in 1952
DHBC Road Juvenile Premiership Team 1952.jpeg
DHBC Road Juvenile Premiership Team 1952.jpeg (1.44 MiB) Viewed 1215 times

DHBC kids at a club criterium in 1962 at Panania.
DHBC kids 1962 at Panania crits.png
DHBC kids 1962 at Panania crits.png (509.66 KiB) Viewed 1215 times

Juvenile girls at a club crit in c. 1981.
DHBC junior girls crit c1980.jpg
DHBC junior girls crit c1980.jpg (46.77 KiB) Viewed 1215 times

Boys at the same club crit in c. 1981.
DHBC kids 1981 crit 3.jpg
DHBC kids 1981 crit 3.jpg (118.75 KiB) Viewed 1215 times

The following list is not comprehensive and I will probably find more club mentors as time goes on. I will update when necessary. This list will be chronological (1908 to present day).

John 'Charlie' Paris (1879-1950)
As the recognised founder of the club, Charlie played a pivotal role in growing the membership. Apart from training and nurturing young talent, he allowed members to use his Speedwell bicycle shop located on Loftus/Hercules Sts in Dulwich Hill, as a meeting point. Club meetings were held at this venue from the club's early days right up to the late 1940s. Charlie died in late 1950. Charlie lived at his shop/house located at Loftus/Hercules St, Dulwich Hill. The shop structure still exist but has been converted into a residence and is now located in the council owned carpark close to the Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill.
Over his 4 decades in the club he would have mentored lots of kids. If you know of people who were mentored by Charlie, please let me know.
DHBC Founder John Charles 'Charlie' Paris 1879-1950.jpg
DHBC Founder John Charles 'Charlie' Paris 1879-1950.jpg (305.78 KiB) Viewed 1213 times

Claude Heathcote (1919-1982)
Heathcote1950s-2.jpg (1.01 MiB) Viewed 1213 times

Claude would have mentored lots of kids, but concentrated on the track in later years. He mentored members like Alan 'Al' Sumner (1936-). If you know of people who were mentored by Claude, please let me know.
For more info on Claude Heathcote, go here:

Sonia Heathcote (1921-2008)
Sonia Witchard joined the club in the late 1930s. Unfortunately the peak NSW cycling body, the NSW Cyclist's Union, did not allow female membership and therefore no woman was allowed to be an official DHBC member. Like many female DHBC regulars, they played pivotal roles in organising and running club social events, providing smooth administration and support during men-only competitions. Sonia and another female club member eventually became official members in 1947 but only after the club heavily lobbied the NSW Cyclists Union.
Sonia Witchard met Claude Heathcote, another club member, and got married in 1949. In keeping with expectations of the day, she adopted Claude's name and was known as Sonia Heathcote from then on.
Sonia and Claude worked as a team. Both shared the role of Secretary and Treasurer in the DHBC committee for decades. Even after Claude's sudden death in 1982, Sonia continued to play a role in the club committee until she decided to 'retire' around 1987. Her swansong was the publication of the definitive DHBC club history, titled 'Dulwich Hill Cycling Days, which was self published in 1988. Sonia stayed in continual contact with the club thereafter. Sonia and Claude lived at the Heathcote family home at 112 Constitution Rd, Dulwich Hill until 1963 when they got their own home and moved to 23(?) Riverview St, Earlwood.
She died in 2008. Claude and Sonia received a posthumous life-time appreciation award from the DHBC at the 2017 AGM. This will be presented to ex-club member Stephen Heathcote, nephew of Claude and Sonia who will accept the award on behalf of the family.
Sonia would have mentored lots of kids. If you know of people who were mentored by Sonia, please let me know.
SoniaHeathcoteonTandem@112ConstitutionRdDH.jpeg (1.34 MiB) Viewed 1209 times

Roy Wolstenholme (c1922- Jul 2004)
Roy was a rider, probably from the 1930s. Not much is known about Roy. He had a brother Jack (1922-2013) who rode with the club too. Both brothers first joined the Marrickville Bicycle Club but switched to the DHBC sometime around 1950. Lots of DHBC stalwarts for some reason came from the Marrickville BC, like Lionel Cox. Roy worked on the MWS & DB (Water Board). Roy played a long-term role on the DHBC committee right up to the 1980s and probably 1990s. Like other mentors he took young riders under his wing. One of these young riders was Mick Mazza (1939-) in 1956. Mick claims he was mentored by both Roy Wolstenholme and Roy Stills. Roy rode his bike right up to the end. Roy also mentored David Watson in the late 60s. A good mate of his told me he did his usual Centennial Park ride one morning, went back home for a rest, and passed in his sleep the same day. He is described as an absolute gentleman. Roy lived in Stanmore. He was a Life Member of Cycling NSW.
Roy would have mentored lots of kids. If you know of people who were mentored by Roy, please let me know.

Roy is 2nd from the right. DHBC TTT team in 1952 Premierships, what is now called the NSW Masters TTT Championships
1953%20Premiership%20team.jpg (1.13 MiB) Viewed 1209 times

Roy Still (1919-Jan 1995)
Roy Still was a member of the club probably from the 1930s. He was born in Hay NSW but moved to Liverpool Rd, Yagoona at a young age. It was this time that he use to watch bicycle races which used major roads that would pass his home. By the age of 10, he joined the Bankstown Cycle Club but left shortly after only to join again at age 17. He was influenced by a work colleague to join the DHBC in 1936. He did join the Enfield-Burwood Cycle Club between 1947 and 1949. However he re-joined the DHBC in 1949 and remained with the club for the rest of his life.
Roy Still was an excellent racing cyclist. He won the NSW Road Championship in 1945, was 2nd in the World Veteran Championships I 1975 and won the Seniors Olympics in 1976, to name a few accolades.
Roy also acted as a mentor for DHBC Life Member Mick Mazza (1939-) in the 1950s and Warren Donnelly in the 1960s and 70s. Roy lived at Riverview St in Earlwood.
Roy would have mentored lots of kids. If you know of people who were mentored by Roy, please let me know.
Roy Still 1919-95 pic.jpeg
Roy Still 1919-95 pic.jpeg (556.5 KiB) Viewed 1153 times

Bob Balderston
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Stan Marcantelli
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Arthur Donnelly (1930-2013)
Arthur was working at the Chullora Railway Workshops when he got interested in cycling. He joined Lidcombe Cycle Club but when that closed he joined the Rozelle Cycle Club. However this club closed too and went over to the Petersham Bicycle Club until he got married and left the sport for a short period of time.
By the 1960s he finally joined the DHBC. By this point both his sons Warren and Mark had also joined the club. By 1969, they were one of the hardest working club members playing an integral part in the construction of the Camperdown Velodrome which was completed in late 1971. He was made a Life Member of Cycling NSW.
In his later years he was part of a group of dedicated club members who kept the club going through the 70s, 80s and 90s. Most recently he ensured all riders paid their $2 fees for track training at Tempe Velodrome. -----More info and photos to come ---------

Mick Mazza (1939-28.4.2018)
Mick started off in the club as a junior himself and was mentored by Roy Wolstenholme and Roy Still in the late 1950s. Mick himself appeared to have been a very early mentor of David Watson, who later joined and trained with St George Cycle Club alongside fellow Olympian Richard 'Dick' Paris. Watson represented Australia in track at the Tokyo and Mexico Olympic Games in 1964 and 1968.

Lindsay Munks (1961-)
Lindsay is probably the longest serving active member. He joined the club in 1995. Unfortunately the club was at a low ebb, but fortunately Lindsay was not keen to see it continue that way.
When he first joined in 1995, there were approximately only 12 to 20 financial members. Up to that point the club was run by long standing members such as Hal Summers, Arthur Donnelly, Mick Mazza, Roy Stills and Roy Wolstenholme, most of whom had joined in the 1930s or 1940s. At the time 33-year old Lindsay was new blood for the club. He was an enthusiastic road and track cyclist and an early participant in the DHBC's Penny Farthing activities and a regular to the Evandale Penny Farthing festival in Launceston.
He joined the DHBC committee and played a key role in the development of the club. He also acted as one of the early ride leaders. In around 2005/6, he came up with the idea to organise an easy and casual weekend club ride. This was meant to cater and attract a new
breed of cyclist emerging the area. The 'Saturday Slowies' was born and has been a staple of the DHBC program for over a decade. This continues to be an introductory activity for new club members and will continue to grow the club in the future.
In 2009/10, Lindsay with fellow club members, Chris 'Toff' Harris, Ron Webster and Ian 'Karzie' Carswell, decided to start up an informal group within the DHBC. They called themselves the 'Valley Wheelers'. This group were vintage bicycle enthusiasts and keen on historical aspects of cycling, not only in the club, but nationally and internationally. By 2011, the Valley Wheelers doubled in size and by 2013 there was enough new talent and expertise to establish the annual 'Sydney Classic Bicycle Show' which is currently the largest vintage and custom bicycle show in NSW.
Lindsay is known for being an extremely friendly, encouraging and generous club member. He has not only provided assistance and advice but has gotten out of his way to give interested people and club members free bicycles and other related parts. Lindsay has been known to give up much of his time to help the club and club members. Back in the mid 2000s he opened up Tempe Velodrome for training twice a week and stayed to lock up again. He looked after all the track bikes in storage and serviced them to ensure they were in top condition. If a new rider turned up, he would do the bike fit for them. This meant spending quite some time switching components around to get the proper fit. Then he would take the new rider around and supervise them to make sure they were properly accustomed to the nuances of track riding. He has donated bikes to the track for people to ride, and has run training and racing sessions out there too. He did all of this without help. There are many instances of Lindsay building bikes for juniors to ride. In the last decade, we've lost count of the many juniors we've seen riding around on both road bikes and track bikes that Lindsay has personally given to them.
Lindsay lives in Marrickville.
Lindsay@Calga-6.9.15.jpg (507.69 KiB) Viewed 1209 times

Colin Williamson
Colin has been the club track coach for many years. He has played an especially important role in nurturing young track talent at Tempe Velodrome and runs bi-weekly training sessions. Like Claude Heathcote, Colin specialises in track training.

------- PHOTO TO COME WITH MORE INFO ----------
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Mentoring in other bicycle clubs

Mentoring was common among all bicycle clubs. Being largely run by volunteers, bicycle club members placed a high premium on helping each other. I have been collating a list of Mentors in the DHBC but in the process have been info on others. I will include them in a list below.

MARRICKVILLE BICYCLE CLUB (1897-1965) (info from Larry Simon and Warren Donnelly)
Harold Johnson (1916?-?)
I originally thought Harold Johnson was part of the DHBC but have since found out he was not. People who were mentored by him now claim he was a member of the Marrickville Bicycle Club (1897-1965). However since we have a photo and info on him, I thought it might be good to include info on him here to show how Mentoring was a common practice in all bicycle clubs back in the day. Harold was a close friend of the DHBC's Arthur Donnelly and worked closely with the club especially after the MBC was merged with the DHBC after 1965.

(The following info is from Warren Donnelly, son of Arthur- 19.3.18) Harold Johnson was a rider and committee member of Marrickville club. He was a very successful road rider, winning a NSW road championship, competing at the national level as well being one of the early riders to go to the UK where he won a UK national title, competed in the Milk races and ultimately being a member of the “Viking” road team. Harold and DHBC's Arthur Donnelly were constant cycling mates and Harold was like an uncle to Arthur's sons Mark and Warren. They lived so close, was regularly at the Donnelly home for birthdays, Xmas and events. Harold also was a life member of Cycling NSW, Certified Coach, Manager of many NSW and Australian cycling teams (eg: Edinburgh 1970) Certified Commissaire and trained riders such as 1964 Olympian Richard 'Dick' Paris (8 April 1942 – 4 October 2017) and Dave Watson. Paris competed in the 1000m time trial at the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics and also recorded the fastest time in the amateur Goulburn to Sydney Classic in 1973. Mark and Warren Donnelly worked in Harold’s leather business – which included making and selling cycling helmets, toe straps to cycling stores around Australia. Arthur and Harold, would travel together and officiate at many of the cycling events and I recall one such trip, where they travelled with DHBC's Roy Wolstenholme to Tasmania (also a Life member of Cycling NSW and mentor of Warren Donnelly for a couple of seasons”)
Harold was supposed to have been a NSW Scratchman & Champion in the late 1930s and early 50s. He competed successfully in the Goulburn to Sydney races. He lived in Cook St, Mascot in the 1930s but moved to 200 Croydon Rd, Croydon by the 1950s/60s where he ran an upholstery business.

Harold Johnson 1937.jpg
Harold Johnson 1937.jpg (47.46 KiB) Viewed 1154 times

BANKSTOWN CYCLE CLUB (Info provided by Ian Thebridge)

Garry Deans
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Denis Upton
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Bob Hines
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Jim Halloran
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Trevor Masterson
-----Info and photos to come ---------


John Paul Blom
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Clarrie Smith
Clarrie Smith ran the Lennie Rogers bicycle shop in Auburn.
Racing advice and race support
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Ossie Cowan
Racing advice and race support
-----Info and photos to come ---------

NSW LEAGUE OF WHEELMEN (Info from Ken Johnston)

Bobby Leach
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Kenny McMoore
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Clarrie Smith
-----Info and photos to come ---------

Phil Tapp
-----Info and photos to come ---------


Bob Daley
-----Info and photos to come ---------
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