John Charles 'Charlie' Paris 1879-1950

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The DHBC was established on the 8th April 1908. One of its founding members and long serving club president and secretary was J.C. (John Charles) 'Charlie' Paris. He was born in 1879 and played a pivotal role within the club until his death in 1950. Many of the following photos were provided by his great grand daughter, Julie Peruch.

Portrait of John Charles 'Charlie' Paris (Source: Julie Peruch)

Before the formation of the DHBC in 1908, Paris may have been a member of the Marrickville Bicycle Club. However there appeared to have been a split within this club with breakaway members forming the DHBC.

Photo taken after the inaugration of the DHBC on the 8th April 1908 at the Dulwich Hill Masonic Hall, New Canterbury Road.

Paris was reportedly a respected athlete and won the 'Commonwealth' Handicap in 1900. He obtained 17 successive fastest times from scratch races in road events. His great grand daughter sent photos of some of his early competition prizes.

Newtown Bicycle Club race cup, 7.12.1901, 3rd prize to JC Paris. (Source: Julie Peruch)

NSW Cycling Union 2 mile Handicap, held on 1.1.1903. 2nd prize J.C. Paris. (Source: Julie Peruch)

Paris was well liked, respected and had a caring personality. He was seen as a father figure especially among younger members and his friendly and welcoming demeanour ensured that all members felt welcomed, consulted and appreciated. He guided the DHBC from its formation in 1908 until his death in 1950. Paris acted in various positions in the DHBC Executive Committee between 1908 and 1950, mainly as club President and Secretary for most of this time.

Letter of Appreciation from the DHBC executive committee to Charlie Paris in 1950, just before his death that year. (Source: Julie Peruch)

He had a bicycle shop behind 1 Hercules Street, Dulwich Hill (facing the Gladstone Hotel carpark, now a private residence). This shop was a social focal point for the club members for decades.

Picture taken in the early to mid 1930s of DHBC club members outside Charlie Paris' Speedwell Bicycle Shop.

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