A Couple of Oppy's Bikes

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Postby lindsay » 05 Dec 2011, 17:17

Bicycle on which Hubert Opperman set a world record for 100 mile motor pace riding at the Melbourne Motordrome (now Olympic Park) in April 1930. Made by the Malvern Star Cycle & Motor Co., Melbourne circa 1926.

Inscriptions: Stamped "16280" on rear right-hand axle bracket and both "16280" & "J124" on the underside of the crank axle housing. Also embossed "CHATER-LEA" on underside of crank axle housing.

Manufacturer: Malvern Star Cycle & Motor Co, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, circa 1926
User: Sir Hubert Opperman, Australia, 1930

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Postby jbcow » 06 Dec 2011, 13:00

That first Malvern Star must have more teeth and a pack of crocodiles. It looks huge next to the smaller front wheel and reverse-trailing forks.
The second one has quite a slack chain... danger - don't ride!

Nice pics Lindsay, great to see some old steel

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Postby Hung » 06 Dec 2011, 14:11

WTF :shock:

is that front chain ring for real

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Postby Chris96 » 06 Dec 2011, 19:09

The fork...

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Postby marc2131 » 07 Dec 2011, 21:38

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Postby weiyun » 07 Dec 2011, 22:03

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Postby Toff » 10 Dec 2011, 11:09

Hmm. Lovely bikes, especially that stayer. The strut underneath the head tube is an interesting feature. I suppose it's there to stop the wheel flexing back and striking the down tube. I'm surprised it's not brandishing a Major Taylor stem though.

I assume that these are legitimately both Oppy's bikes, but they don't look the same size to me. Stem length looks markedly different too. To my eye these bikes look "staged". I can't imagine people choosing to race on the road on wooden rims, when alternatives were available.

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Postby rhys » 10 Dec 2011, 18:13

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