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Postby Toff » 20 Jan 2011, 16:33

I have decided to sell some of my bike frames. These are mostly too big for me to actually ride. Offering them to DHBC first before they go to a well known online auction site.

No prices here, as I think that would be vulgar, and I don't think other people need to know how much you paid. Prices for DHBC members will be considerably lower than I will price them elsewhere. If anyone is interested, send me an e-mail. Some pics will appear in due course.

c h r i s h a r r i s @ b i k e r i d e r . c o m

Now, onto the frames.

Italian Thoroughbred. Large Olmo frame. In excellent shape. The only aesthetic fault is a bit of the headtube decal has rubbed off. Paint is undamaged. Seat post (centre-centre) is 59cm. Top tube (centre-centre) is 57cm. Pretty sure tubing is Columbus SL. Italian bottom bracket. English thread on steerer. Seatpost is a funny size. IIRC it's 26.8mm. I can offer a free 3TTT aluminium seatpost if needed.

This frame is not a real Ciöcc. It's a steel frame done up to look like a Ciöcc. Tubing is Reynolds, not Columbus, and the bottom bracket is English, not Italian. I suspect this frame was custom built for someone in the early 90s with a high-end tubeset. At least 531, but possibly 653 or even 753. Perfect paint. Perfect decals. Seat post (centre-centre) is 56cm. Top tube (centre-centre) is 56cm. English thread on steerer. Seatpost is 27.2mm.

Concorde is a famous Dutch brand. Legendary riders like Sean Kelly, Pedro Delgado and Eric Breukink used to ride Concorde frames as professionals in the grand Tours. Most notably, the PDM cycling team used them. This frame is no top-end frame. It's a Tange Infinity tubeset. It's in fair condition, and was stored outdoors for some time before I got hold of it. Paint is somewhat chalky, and there are some rust stains on the paint, but the frame is structurally sound, and there is no bubbling of the paint to indicate that rust is a problem. Seat post (centre-centre) is 53cm. Top tube (centre-centre) is 54cm. English bottom bracket and steerer. Seatpost is 27.2mm.

Dave Tesch track frame
Dave Tesch is unknown in Australia, but the yanks know his awesomeness as a custom framebuilder. You can read about his history and . He made frames for some pretty high profile riders, and worked with some of the best known custom builders in the USA.

This frame is a custom built track speed machine, built with True Temper S2 tubing, fillet brazed together flawlessly. I still have the original receipt which dates the build date to 1988. The tubing is heavy but monumentally stiff. I would keep this bike if it wasn't just a bit too big for me. I should really sell it to the yanks, as I'm sure someone there will pay me a pretty penny for it.

Tubing is undamaged, but paint has seen better days. Decals are okay though. Seat post (centre-centre) is 53cm. Top tube (centre-centre) is 57cm. English bottom bracket and steerer. Seatpost is 27.2mm.

Zullo Road Frame
Another classic Italian racing bike, built by Tiziano Zullo of Italy. Zullo made frames for the TVM racing team in the 80s and 90s, as ridden by Aussie great Phil Anderson. This bike came to me with broken forks, which have now been restored by Peter/Jim Bundy. The Chrome has gone from the forks, but the shape and engraved fork crown have been preserved. Dropouts are Campagnolo. Tubing is Columbus SL. Seat tube is 57cm. Top tube is 56cm (I think). Seatpost is 27.2mm. Bottom bracket is Italian, but steerer is English.

I have 3 Zullo bikes, and they all have fantastic geometry. My wetweather bike is a Zullo, due to its surefooted performance in all weather conditions. Paint is not original. No decals either, but since the forks are currently bare metal, a new coat of paint would make this frame an awesome ride.

More pics of Phil Anderson riding Zullo .
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Postby Toff » 21 Jan 2011, 11:55

Forgot I am also selling a Zullo. See revised info above.

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Postby tedrobin » 04 Feb 2011, 15:28

I still remember with affection my first ride with Saturday Slowies some three years ago. Fragments of conversation wafted up from behind: "I'm in trouble with my wife for having too many bikes in the house, but you can't call yourself a cyclist unless you have a training bike, a racing bike, a fixie, a track bike, a commuter, a touring bike and a Classic Resto." Whoever he was talking to was very sympathetic. I thought he was completely mad. It was Toff.

These days 6 bikes decorate our hall, 7 in track season. Is there still room for a Classic Resto for me? I'll try to find you at Slowies tomorrow and see if you have something suitable. Would I get in trouble for putting period-incorrect bits on it? Possibly not a sensible project for the mechanically-challenged, but one can dream.

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Postby dubrat » 22 Jun 2011, 22:05

Hey Chris

As I said in my email...

I would love to take the Dave Tesch track frame off your hands....


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Adrian E
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Postby Adrian E » 24 Jun 2011, 10:17

Hi Chris,
Very interested in your Concorde frame.

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