Giving way to pedestrians when turning left

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Postby jcaley » 27 Jun 2016, 12:45

As we were about to turn from Lawson St (in front of Redfern Station) into little Eveleigh St on our return from LaPas last week, there was a lot of imperious bell ringing. Perhaps it was just to warn the pedestrians flocking across Little Eveleigh St of our imminent approach but it seemed also intended to tell them to get out of the way. When I mentioned to the rider beside me that actually, there is a road rule requiring us to give way to pedestrians in such situations, the reply I got was something like "I didn't know that - that must be an obscure archaic road rule" an I suspect there is widespread ignorance of this rule.
So spread the word, there is a rule 72(3)(b) and it applies to people riding bicycles.
"If the driver is turning left (except if the driver is using a slip lane), the driver must give way to any pedestrian at or near the intersection who is crossing the road the driver is entering."
That means the pedestrian has right of way in this situation. Ring your bell by all means to avoid scaring them but not as a way to tell them to get out of your way.

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Postby jonboy » 27 Jun 2016, 13:31

Wow, I've learned something.

I use this route everyday on my commute to and from work and I freely admit to being an imperious bell ringer - behaviour which I will now modify.

Coming the other way, however, I will continue with imperious ringing because the flocks of phone obsessed brethren do meander head down, and without any authority.

But another area I'm really unsure about - and maybe someone can elucidate - is where the footpaths are sometimes raised above the road surface with cobblestones (or not) and I often observe pedestrians walk with impending impunity. Often they have no special markings, e.g. crossing indicators. Are these situations considered to be part of a footpath or a road? Under the regulations do I need to give to way or I can ring my bell imperiously and plough ahead? From memory I think there's one on the way home from Slowies near Erskineville station.

And on another matter - a police operation tomorrow. So make sure everyone complies with the laws (if you know them!) ... 24c05abbdc

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Postby humanbeing » 27 Jun 2016, 14:35

Thanks John, I too was unaware of this rule but I think my bell ringing is more ardent than anything

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Postby andrewm » 27 Jun 2016, 17:01

Don't rely on this rule as a pedestrian!

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Postby jcaley » 27 Jun 2016, 17:06

Anthony K
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Postby Anthony K » 28 Jun 2016, 00:06

My understanding is that the same applies when turning right as well. ... .pdf#page7

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Postby bnej » 02 Aug 2016, 07:40

All turning vehicles must give way to any pedestrian or vehicle on the road they're turning into. Turning left or right makes no difference.

"You must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road into which you are turning."

You should never ring your bell and plough ahead, by all means ring your bell, but if someone is already on the road, they are allowed to cross, and it does you no harm to slow down a bit around people walking. If an accident happens, you're going to hit the ground just as hard no matter who should give way. Walkers on minor roads often rely on the lack of car noise and don't look.

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