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Postby Lizanne » 15 Oct 2013, 08:16

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... =1&theater

There is a special place in hell for bike thieves! Lemon drop was stolen last night. could everyone keep an eye out for me.

*Special features* (besides the ugly yellow tyres and crimps)
Ultegra front wheel, giant rear wheel, tcr1 seat post(white) tcr0 frame, selle italia lady saddle. and snapped right shifter put together with super glue. size xs (44cm)

It went missing from the garage at my apartment in Wolli Creek, last night. The dude cut the lock removed Ben's Pinarello and only stole the Giant.

totally blows.

Peter T
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Postby Peter T » 15 Oct 2013, 08:35

We are keeping an eye out Lizanne.

Sorry to hear about the break in.

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Postby scully » 15 Oct 2013, 19:29

that sucks
have been checking out all the tiny bikes i see

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Postby Jdubs » 24 Oct 2013, 00:38

Apartment?? Garage??

You think it's someone that lives or is a regular in the garage?
Is it a security garage (with swipe entry), that leads to a communal area?

From the info, it sounds like someone who is regular in the apartment garage like someone who lives there.

You may want to look on ebay or gumtree, if you suspect anything we can help you out by setting up a sting like this :P

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Postby Lizanne » 24 Oct 2013, 07:26

ya apartment garage. there are several swipe points to get down to my level. I don't think he was a regular, but he did have the place scoped out.
we have a security guard on sit at all times. they are awesome. always walking around. and i recon they know everyone in the building. when we first moved in i was chatting to all of them within the first week. and the one on the particular night gave chase to the guy who stole my bike, he didn't recognize him.
talking to one of the guys from TBSM, apparently there has been a slew of high end bikes stolen around the same time. and the police recon it's a crew doing targeted break ins.
so my best hope is the police do a sting a few months from now, and find a warehouse with a pile of bikes...
it sucks, but i still have a roadie, a track, and several fixies to ride. so it's not the end of the world.

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