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Postby JoTheBuilder » 25 Jun 2013, 14:53

Hi All,

I've had an email today from someone requesting a cyclist for her upcoming music video.

Unfortunately, I have very few details apart from that (location, date etc.) so have asked for more information.

In the meantime, if there are any budding models/actresses out there who are interested, with time on their hands, please let me know and I can give you her email address and mobile number.


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Postby JoTheBuilder » 25 Jun 2013, 15:21

And a quick reply from Hannah:

"To give you an idea about the project; it's for a Sydney based musician called Guerre. It's written by a very talented, ambitious director, and we already have some incredible people on board, including a highly acclaimed Australian cinematographer. The location, not yet confirmed, will be in Sydney, and shoot dates will likely be the first weekend on August.

We are looking for a young male athlete with a very strong physique/muscle definition. The music video will be black and white, so we are hoping to find someone with darker skin to really draw out tones and textures on film. However, most important is finding someone with a strong face, whose character feels 'right' for this music video.

Would be great if you could pass on any details/photos/expressions of interest from club members who could fit this brief. At this stage we are really open to hearing from any athletic young male cyclists. I was also considering heading down to the Tempe training track next Monday. Do a lot of members attend? Thinking it could be a good opportunity to scout a potential cyclist."

So for those who are interested, I would be at track on Monday night...

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Postby Dougie » 25 Jun 2013, 17:38

Young male athlete - one out of three is better than none out of three
Darker skin - tan in a can
Tones and textures - won't shave and won't wash
Strong face - great face for radio
Right Character - right caricature
Can fit this brief - can wear my own briefs

Can wax if necessary.........

wanna see my Blue Steel?

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Postby weiyun » 25 Jun 2013, 20:12

I vote G!

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Postby mikesbytes » 25 Jun 2013, 20:30

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