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Postby Matt T » 08 Jun 2014, 12:54

Hey all,

With Le Tour less than a month away, time to start honing your fantasy DS skills at the Dauphine, which starts tonight.

Here are two free fantasy comps you can enter - Road CC and Velogames.

The Road CC game has prizes. Maybe you can replicate Jamie's amazing feat of punditry and win a brand-spanking new road bike, like he did in the SBS comp last year!

For those who don't know, fantasy cycling comps involve picking out 9 riders from the peloton for your team, on a limited budget. Depending on the comp, you're either stuck with your team for the whole race (the purist approach), or you can transfer riders in and out between stages.

It's a great way to "value add" to race viewing - nothing like having an under-the-radar domestique riding in the breakaway and eventually taking the win!

The deadline for Dauphine entries is 6.45pm tonight for Road CC, and 7.30pm (I think) for Velogames. Short notice, so apologies for that, but there's always the Tour in a few weeks if you miss it.

I've set up mini leagues in both comps:
- in Road CC, just look for the Drug Pedallers;
- for Velogames, enter the league code 08031316 once you've set up your team.

Hopefully see a few of you on the virtual roads of the Alps!

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