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Postby Nozzle » 06 Sep 2014, 11:37

I know a track training plan would be quite specific to both the athlete and types of events you are targeting.

I put myself in the Endurance Event basket but with specific training could work on speed and strength to be better in sprints.

Does anyone have advice on:

1. Gyms in the CBD (not FF or other chains). A proper gym.
2. Trainers who can teach proper lifting techniques
3. Rough framework for a plan for endurance track events or examples I could adapt.

I'm pondering dumping my Athlete Lab membership for gym/coaching for track. Any tips would be appreciated.


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Postby mikesbytes » 06 Sep 2014, 14:24

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Postby mikesbytes » 06 Sep 2014, 14:33

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Postby timyone » 14 Sep 2014, 14:47

I bought a book on weights training for cyclists, I think I lent it to my little brother though.

You have to decide what you mean by sprinting though. A sprinter for match sprint, Kieran, Kilo, scratch race, Crit or road race. I think those are the sort of increments.

For crits and road races, I think it can be important to have a kick in a bigger gear, so you want to do some starts, and possibly up hill starts in bigger gears, then you need to be able to hold the acceleration etc. There is also a heap about positioning etc, so race race race.

For the track, it can depend whee you are sprinting from, at Dunc Grey, you may find that a lot of it is just increasing speed from fast to faster, and you need to work out if it will need to be standing or sitting, I think I went through a season of RAW A grade, where I didn't really stand up, though this depends on the type of gearing you are riding, types of races etc. I came about 6th that year, didn't really win any thing though, so maybe not the best to judge off?

But either way, sitting and standing starts, a heap of lead outs, and then possibly your weights to help with it all. But maybe start by working out what you would like to be able to sprint in. If you can afford a coach, that could be the best option, maybe a more sprinty coach could be the best option. Talk to Jo Troutman about coaches possibly, as she knows a few of the people that might be able to help.

(if you want to have a points race sprint, having the kick from starts could be the way to go with out the weights? and maybe some no resistance sprints to get the leg speed up for getting it going?)

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Postby Eleri » 14 Sep 2014, 16:29

Ask Mick Mazza :-)

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