DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 27 August 2014

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Postby James Rogers » 30 Aug 2014, 14:55

Hi All,

We had a surprisingly dry track on Wednesday night, with 14 riders coming down to have a spin.

After a slowish warm-up paceline that slowly grew as riders got themselves together and onto the track (40 minutes for some people!), we practiced starts with a timed half-lap sprint.

After that we did a chase-the-rabbit/whistle sprint mash-up, which had everyone pursuing a rider, but only after (a fairly random) whistle blow. The basic idea of this drill was to simulate a race and the common problem of having to chase other riders.

To finish up, we had two scratch races with the riders nominating themselves into either group.

National Junior Track Series
Extra training will NOT be on this Sunday Aug 31
, because we won’t have anyone to run it! (we’re racing the Kurrajong Classic, or otherwise unavailable). It will continue next week, September 7 (Father’s Day).

However, John Caley made the excellent suggestion to encourage juniors to try the Southern Cross Cycling Club crits, which are held every Sunday at Waratah Park, Sutherland. You don’t have to be doing the NJTS to ride these, but you will need a road bike.

Registration is from 7.30am, and racing from 8am. From experience I can tell you it is an extremely friendly competition, and a great course through the park — better than Landsdowne, and way better than Heffron.

Our Waterfall rides go directly past Waratah Park, and will get you there by about 7:30am. Riding down as a warm-up with one of the Waterfall groups is an easy and safe option. If you don’t want to ride back, the Sutherland train station is just about 300m up the road.

Worth considering!

If the weather is still gloomy and you don’t get down to Waratah Park tomorrow, brighten yourself up by jumping on the trainer or rollers and doing a 20/20 for for 30 minutes!

Here’s the formula:
1. Warm up 5 mins
2. 20 second sprint / 20 second recovery intervals x five times in a row
3. Recover 3 minutes
4. Repeat the set (steps 2 to 3), another three times
5. Warm down 5 mins.

If you have a sadistic brother or sister, they might enjoy holding the stop watch and counting intervals for you!

Thanks very much to Jenny and Alan for their help on Wednesday.


Upcoming events

RAW, on again this Friday night. Warm up from 6:30, racing starts 7:05. Only 2 more weeks to go
There has been some excellent results.

Lots of road events filling the calendar for those wish to participate. I’ll have created a road thread, here, on the forum soon for event’s, news, results and race reports. The next event being the Telstra Tour of Sydney (TToS).

For those not riding the TToS, on September 14 , DHBC will be holding a junior club crit at Rookwood cemetery. More details here and entries/signup list .

Session opening BBQ
To celebrate the start of the 2015 track season and announce the new track captains. The BBQ will be on Sept 10. I bring the snags, rolls and some drinks. You can being a plate to share.

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