Glueing Tubulars

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Postby Nozzle » 24 Aug 2014, 20:59

The race wheels I inherited from my dad are in need of new rubber soon. I'm going to order some Vittoria Pista Evo CS for them but haven't the slightest clue or skills to install them. Should I:

A. Have a crack after reviewing a video on You Tube because it's easy?
B. Seek out a bike shop?

In the event it's easy, what kind of cement is best for track type use?

In the event I should seek assistance, and suggestions on where / who to use?


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Postby MarkL » 24 Aug 2014, 22:04

Hey Noel,

I don't know if there's a better cement for track.

I glue my road tubulars after having watched the Continental video and I'd say it's not hard just a little messy.
If you glue them then it's important to work on the technique of lifting and rotating the tyre to centre it on the rim. You can practice this when you first fit them on dry to stretch the tyre.


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Postby JoTheBuilder » 25 Aug 2014, 11:58

And while there is some conjecture about this, I have been told that some glues are made specifically for either aluminium or carbon, or can be used on either. But two different bike shops told me two different things so it's up to you who to believe.

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Postby Eleri » 25 Aug 2014, 13:17

No way am I ever glueing mine myself. Worst attention to detail ever. And, like a goldfish, I will have forgotten how to do it next time they need changing. Like 3 years or something.

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Postby Strawburger » 25 Aug 2014, 13:29

1. Have a crack yourself! It's not really that hard.

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Postby mikesbytes » 25 Aug 2014, 16:48

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Postby Nozzle » 15 Sep 2014, 16:39

Glue and tubs ordered. Going to have a crack myself...... :shock:

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Postby weller » 15 Sep 2014, 16:50

Remember to let the glue dry before trying to assemble

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