DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 11 Jun 2014

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Postby colin » 13 Jun 2014, 14:50

Hi All,

What a busy week with the Track Carnival last Saturday. There was great racing from all. The track session is now over with RAW starting next Friday 20th June

Welcome to Taylor Griffin. She’s been sitting in the stand for so long watching it was time for her to try the track.

OK, to training, last week was so hectic I wasn’t able to keep record of the winners of the Kierin’s, Poker Races or the Italian. Sorry, I’ll work on getting a record taker in the near future. The Kierin’s were the standout especially with playing cards in your spokes. Everyone looked to have great fun.

This week. The weather is still on our side with a mild night. After individual warm ups it was 10 lap Paceline. As more riders turn up, it was another 10 lap Paceline. Next speed sprints on the home straight, sprinting on laps 2, 4 and 7, increasing speed with each sprint.

Fox n Rabbit’s, girl’s vs boys in a team pursuit. The boys having to catch the girls twice. The girls stayed together with Ruby and Zanzi towing the group for most of the drill. The boys on the other hand split apart and were a complete rabble. As the stronger rider left the slower rider behind.

Whistle sprints in groups of 4, then an Italian to finish before the warmdown.

Upcoming Events
RAW will start on Friday June 20th Racing starts 7:05pm

Proposed 2014 Program

Lots of road events filling the calendar for those wish to participate. I’ll have created a road thread, , on the forum soon for event’s, news, results and race reports. The Hunter Junior 2 Day tour is this weekend.

Happy birthday to Claude, Ruby and Adrien. Hope you have/had a great day

Thanks again to Lizanne and the parents who helped with the set up and for enthusiastically cheering the riders.

‘til next Wednesday


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