DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 28 May 2014

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Postby colin » 30 May 2014, 16:09

Hi All,

Another great night for training, the cold weather has stayed away.
I have been slack of late, writing the newsletter, hopefully I’ll get back to each week.

We started the session with 10 laps motorpace behind Lizanne and then moved to Paceline with everyone putting in a turn on the front. Well this was the plan but it fell apart a couple of laps after Lizanne had finished her long turn on the front.

After a sort rest it was a Pairs Race over 10 laps with the first 2 neutral. We had 5 teams and all road well keeping close together and jostling for position. The action really started to heated up in the last 3 laps and the final lap was a scorcher with the first 4 places only 1 bike length apart. Lawrence and Eadyn held the lead closely followed by Genevieve and Alison, Xavier and Sarah next passing Caitlin and Tess with 100 to go. Georgia and Max last to cross the line.

Next another Pairs Race, this time only over 6 laps with 1 lap neutral. The first lap was slow. After some encouragement the speed increased. Racing was close with all vying for position. The results was again close and almost the same but the team od Mai and Rohan were added and came in 5th.

Next, 500’s in groups of three followed after a break with an all in secret sprint, everyone getting the chance to sneakily attack.

Before the warm down we had time for an Italian pursuit. Caitlin, Lawrence, Tess, Rohan and Max vs Mia, Eadyn, Alison, Saran and Jing. The race was very close with both teams swapping the lead. Down tow the last rider and Max got the better Of Jing. Great teamwork by all.

With a couple of minutes left it was some slow warm down laps to roll out the legs after a hard session.

Upcoming Events
7 June, DHBC Track Carnival again rescheduled. Starting time 1pm. Hopefully all the winter sports riders can get in some track time before racing on the 7th.

RAW will start on Friday June 20th. More closer to the date

Lots of road events filling the calendar for those wish to participate. I’ll have created a road thread, , on the forum soon for event’s, news, results and race reports. See John’s report from last weekend’s Junior tour of Goulburn. Congratulations to Tom, Bro, Taku and Rohan for their efforts. I think the next event is in the Hunter

Not birthdays this or last week

Thanks again to Lizanne, senior rider for helping the early session and the parents who helped with the set up and for enthusiastically cheering the riders.

‘til next Wednesday


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