DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 14 May 2014

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Postby colin » 16 May 2014, 16:43

Hi All,

You should have been here! The full moon rising over the velodrome is an amazing sight.

Ok, I've digressed so back to the training session. The early session started with a 15 lap Paceline warm up, then we recorded everyone’s 2 lap time trial efforts. Everyone put in some great times and improved on their last TT Standouts were Genevieve, 4.5 seconds, and Eayden 3.4 seconds, faster than their last PB’s. Well done guys.

Next, Flying laps. Everyone got two runs, improving their times on the second run.

Next a Team Pursuit, Genevieve and Lawrence v Xavier and Eadyn. The racing was that close I could split the teams so it was a dead heat.

The early session finished with a few minutes warm down as the later session got ready on the fence.

This session followed the first so 2 lap TT’s for all after the warm up pacelines. Rohan improved by almost 1 second and everyone put in good times, close to their last PBs.

We then got to run one flying lap before we were out of time.

Upcoming Events
7 June, DHBC Track Carnival again rescheduled. Starting time 1pm

Lots of road events filling the calendar for those wish to participate. I’ll have created a road thread, , on the forum soon for event’s, news, results and race reports. See James report from last weekend’s Junior tour of Canberra

I did miss Tim Clark and Luka’s last week and this week Chris and Pat, Happy Birthday, hope you have/had a great day.

Thanks again to James, Lizanne, and the parents who helped with the set up

‘til next Wednesday


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