DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 30 May 2014

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Postby colin » 02 May 2014, 15:52

Hi All,

Another great night to ride. The nights will start to get cooler so please remember the bring jumpers and long so you can keep warm during breaks and after the session.

We had 8 riders for the early session. This included Taku and Francis helping out.
First was a warm up Paceline for 15 laps. Then Catch the bunch for a full lap and in pairs. Each pair working together the get back onto the bunch, usually taking 3 to 4 laps to make contact with the bunch. We ran out of time so finished with a warm down.

The late session followed a similar format, 30 lap Paceline for the stronger riders and Lizanne and 20 laps for the others. James floated between the groups Tess was back again with 30 minutes of riding. Next, catch the bunch/chase the rabbit. Lizanne and James took turns being the rabbit, ½ a lap ahead of a fast moving bunch. Each rider, in turn, tried to catch the rabbit but it accelerated when they got close, until both the rabbit and the rider were back with the bunch. For the last lap was a bunch sprint once the full bunch got back together. Everyone put in a great effort and quickly picked up on this new drill. With 5 minutes to go it was warm down.

House Keeping
Helmets fitted correctly. A lot of time was wasted adjusting helmets during the session. Can everyone make sure their Helmet is fitting correctly before taking to the track. See James or myself and we can assist.

ANZAC Day Carnival
What a great turn out with 13 junior riders competing. The rain dampened the track but the racing went ahead. John’s photo’s don’t really show how cold and wet the day was ().
Congratulation to all with everyone look at putting in PB’s. Highlights were, Sarah having to mix it with the elite women, she raced very well. Broughton placing the best for the day winning all the JM15 races and starting on scratch for the handicaps. Adrien, 2 firsts and a second in JB13. Juliette, 1 second and 3 thirds in the JG11. Caitlin, 1 first and 2 second in the JG13/JW15 combined. Luke picked up 2 seconds, Lawrence with 2 thirds and Will bagging a third in the JB13 Lightning Handicap.
Excellent work.

Lizanne also had impressive results with 3 firsts and a second.
Full results are

Upcoming Events
3 May, DHBC Track Carnival reschedule
The last race carnival for the session is this weekend and it’s being held by DHBC at Temp. Good luck to all riders competing and if you’re not racing come down and support/cheer your friends

Lots of road events filling the calendar for those wish to participate. I’ll start a road thread on the forum soon for event’s, news and results.

No Birthdays this week. I did miss Francis’ last month, Happy belated Birthday, hope you had a great day.

Rainy Wednesdays
Just a reminder that even if is raining, train is still on. So come down and partake in a roller/trainers session.

Addition training
As the weather gets colder and possibly wetter, indoor training at home may be your only other chance to get onto a bike. If you don’t already, please invest in a set of rollers. You can use a trainer but rollers will give you better balance, pedaling technique and riding in a straight line. You can still use a trainer but for spin and higher resistance sessions.

Thanks again to James, Lizanne, and the parents who helped with the set up
See you all Tomorrow

and until next Wednesday


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