DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 26 Mar 2014

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Postby colin » 28 Mar 2014, 17:36

Hi All,

Another great night to ride with the track dry and the rain only starting to fall in the last 5 mins of the late session

We had 8 riders for the early session. This included Max and Caitlin helping out.
First was a warm up Paceline for 15 laps. Then a 2 lap time trial, with some great results. Lawrence was almost 5 second faster than his previous time and Genevieve close to 1 second faster. I later found that Lawrence had moved to U15 gearing so that explains the huge decrease in time.
Next Italian pursuit with a team with Oliver, Caitlin, Lawrence and Sebastian vs Georgia, Genevieve, Christian and Max. The first race got off to a bad start for Georgia’s team as she stalled at the start. Everyone put in their best efforts but by the time Max was on the last lap Sebastian was ½ a lap ahead. After a short break it was time for another go. This time both teams had a good start, again all riding well but Sebastian’s team was in front again on the last lap but only by 1/4 lap this time.
We finished the session with some warm down laps

The late session followed the same format, 30 lap Paceline for the boys and Lizanne and 20 laps for the girls with James. Tess was back on the track but only for 15 minutes or so, she was able to complete the 20 lap paceline with the others. Great to see her back and riding. Then 2 lap time trial with Alison better her last time by over 3 seconds and Caitlin 2 seconds better that her run in the early session. Everyone has improved on their starts and were close to their previous times.

As we set up for the Italian the rain started so that ended the session a little early

Thanks to Mia, Alison, Rohan, Eadyn, Will, Jen and Justyn for helping out at the Classic bike show last Saturday

Upcoming Events

25 April, ANZAC Day Carnival in Bowral – Entries open 13 Apr
3 May, DHBC Track Carnival reschedule

Lots of road events filling the calendar for those wish to participate. I’ll start a road thread on the forum soon for event’s, news and results.

No Birthdays this week.

Rainy Wednesdays
Just a reminder that even if is raining, train is still on. So come down and partake in a roller/trainers session.

Thanks again to James, Lizanne, Stuart and other parents who helped with the set up
‘til next Wednesday


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