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Postby bro » 30 Sep 2013, 14:49

Hey this is a thread for discussing keirin tactics-post what you think is the best tactic.
2nd wheel? 3rd wheel? behind the derny? what do you think?

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Postby taku » 01 Oct 2013, 08:29

3rd wheel definitely. You can box in the guy on second wheel without giving away your position to the first wheel

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Postby timyone » 01 Oct 2013, 21:15

it depends what you are good at, there are times at dunc, that the person on the front actually wins, as no one gets around them, but yeah 2nd and 3rd are popular spots, keep an eye out for the person behind you though, as I had the most amazing 2nd wheel position on the last night of RAW, when 1st wheel smashed it from the bike, and I sat behind him until the last lap, but didn't pull up the track early enough and got boxed. I should have been top three despite being way less fit than every one else, if I had at least kicked, I would have won it if fitter, or made the lads behind me at least struggle to get around me if I had played it right.

second and third can both be boxed.

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Simon Llewellyn
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Postby Simon Llewellyn » 02 Oct 2013, 11:19

The goal of a keirin is to ideally be in second wheel when you want to start your sprint so that you do as little work leading into the sprint which is normally the 200m line or so for seniors and probably the 100m line or less for juniors depending on the age. The difficulty is that the guys at the back know they can't win so will be forced to go early which means if you are in 2nd/3rd wheel and they go just before you want to open up your sprint you will get boxed in.

Over the years there heave been trade mark moves in the world championships which has been unbeatable. Theo bos would go early and no one could touch him.

Chris Hoy would get on the front and no one could pass him.

With some luck you can find second wheel from no where.

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