DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 21 Aug 2013

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Postby colin » 23 Aug 2013, 16:26

Hi All,

A cold night for training, just to remind us that it really is winter.

We had 19 riders, all shivering throughout the night.
Welcomes to Linus, our newest member and Max, soon to be a member.

After individual warm ups it was straight into the Pacelines with Group A completing 10 laps, Group B 15 laps and Group C 20 laps.

As the number of rider were down, some thinking skiing is a better option than riding. All riders stayed on the track and no one had to do trainer/rollers.

As the National Junior Track Series approaches, I thought it would be good to start to practice the events so U15 and U17 rider were paired for a 2 up Match sprint over 1 ½ laps. In between heats the others completed their 2 lap time trial. Everyone then rode a couple of laps to warm up before the next NJTS event.

Venue Blast, a 6 lap scratch race. Group A were first but only over 5 laps. I put Linus into Group A as a starting point to get used to racing and he won the race but only by ½ a wheel to Eadyn, with Xavier close behind in 3rd and Christian and Oliver a ½ lap behind.

Group B were over the 6 laps and most riders are U15, with the exception of Mia. Caitlin was out after banging her knee on the stem of her bike so only 4 rider in this race. The bunch were very close for all of the race with a mishap when Hugo came down with 2 laps to go, more on this later. Down to 3 riders and all still bunched together for the final 2 laps and the finishing sprint. Mia just ahead of Isaac closely followed by Louie.

Group C were the last to race. The biggest group with 8 riders. All got off to a good start except Ruby how was too close to the fence, and injured after a fall earlier on the warm up track. The Racing at RAW must be paying off as the bunch played tactics, staying together, speeding and slowing as all vied for position. Rohan and Alison lost contact with the front runners and Ruby withdrew. Tom C played with the bunch not racing off the front until the finish followed by Bro, Francis, Taku and Sarah.

Great racing by all with everyone showing much improvement in speed and tactics.

Now some serious stuff. Everyone please check your bikes before going onto the track. If you see or feel anything is loose or amiss, please ask Lizanne, James or myself to have a look at your bike. The club bikes are used by many people and sometimes are not put back together properly.

Upcoming Event’s

RAW, Race all winter, is on tonight and ever Friday for the next 4 weeks. Open to all second year U13’s and above. I may be there tonight. Good luck all.
Warm up starts at 6:30, with the first race at 7:05. Broughton still leads Div 5 with equal Zanzi 3rd, Francis 6th and Ruby 9th. Tom Bolton is 8th in Div 2. Well done Bro and Tom!

The Women’s Track is starting again soon. Saturday the 7th September at the new time of 2 - 4.

National Junior Track Series, CA announced the dates, see . The first round is in Sydney on the 12-13 Oct. and is open to U15 and U17’s. this year we should be able to put together a full team of 6, any leftovers I can arrange to ride with another combined team. I’d like to know the interest in completing in Sydney and if any who are interested in the other round in Melbourne (Nov 23-24), Launceston (Dec 6-7) and Adelaide (Jan 17-18).

I was thinking that all eligible U17 and U15’s should race the Sydney event with the exclusion of Tess, Caitlin and Rohan, away that weekend.
I have submitted the paperwork for 2 team, no riders allocated as yet so we should have 12 places.

I will be away 15th Sep ,for a month returning on the 12Oct, I may miss the first day, so we need to get a move on so I can forward on details so I can submit the forms before I go away.

Road stuff
For those interested in some road racing, Southern Cross CC hold Junior races every Sunday at Waratah Park, Rawson Ave Sutherland. Sign on from 8:30 am

New Rollout
Quite a few rider will be moving up the next age group for this upcoming track session so we need to make sure everyone is moving to the correct gearing.

New U17 – Ruby, Sarah and Zanzi move from 6 to 7m
New U15 – Caitlin, Hugo, Isaac, Louie Pidcock, Rohan, Tess and Toby move from 5.5 to 6m

Go to download the gear chart to work out the best chainring and cog combination. Please chat with me if you have any questions

Next Week’s Session
All - Warm up and Paceline drills
Group B rollers
Group A and C alternating between warm up and track
All - warm down/racing

Another birthday this week. Have a great day Alison

Email distribution list
It has come to my attention that the mail list is incomplete and some people have been missing out on the emailed reports so I am updating the list.
Please let me know so you can be added and conversely if you would no longer like to receive these reports please let me know and I’ll remove you.

To Lizanne, James, Jen and All the handlers
‘til next Wednesday


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