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I trod out to the northern part of the track at 5pm, the weather was chilly, but there was no sign of the predicted showers. I gave the concrete a deliberate prod and a good stamp with my shoes. I turned around and declared, "Tonight...", and then I paused for effect, inhaled and exclaimed, "We ride!". In the distance a little fanfare played. I swear.

But no-one was there to hear that.

For the first time in how many weeks? Five? Finally, the juniors could train on the full track.

So after everyone (20 juniors) did a little warm up on the rollers, they were treated to a 10 lap warm up on the track. Good to see everyone well-behaved and riding sensibly. Discovered Rohan thinks 10 is 18, but there were some clear improvements amongst those that did the track course at Dunc Gray during the school holidays.

There was only one dish on the menu for the night, and that was the Team Pursuit, as suggested by Lizanne. After warm up, we had a quick chat about what team pursuits were all about, making clean changes, and making sure that everyone in the group was together. Emphasis was on communication and maintaining an agreeable pace. It was up to the groups to sort themselves out in this regard. As a 16 lap race (yes, I'm evil), they had to stay in their initial groups for 10 laps. After that, they were allowed to drop one rider.

Promising Babici film stars, Tom Bolton and Chris Hageman turned up early and were willing to get on the track to give a quick 5 lap demo with Lizanne. This really helped everyone understand what they were to do. Some really nice changes in every second corner and a good tight formation around the track.

First groups up were "A": Sarah, Ruby, Francis, Rohan; and "B": Taku, Tom C, Alison, Rosie. There was a bit of sorting out in the first 5 laps, with a few riders powering off the front and forgetting their teams... but things settled down for the next five laps. A few hijinks in group B at the end with some over-eager riders, but generally, not a bad first effort. "A" took the win.

Meanwhile, Lizanne was running skills and agility tests on the warm up track. It looked like everyone was doing well there.

Next groups were supposed to be mixed boys/girls, but some people don't listen (you know who you are!)... anyway, we ended up with two groups of five, "A": Eadyn, Will, Darani, Mia, Liam and; "B": Christian, Isaac, Claude, Oliver, Luke. Groups of five made communication all the more important.

And, well, oh, dear, group "B"... what happened!? Group A rode superbly, good communication, only talking when they needed to, and keeping a tempo that worked for each rider. Group B seemed to forget that there is no "i" in "team". I am sure there are more platitudes I could use to make the point, but I'll refrain!

In fact, while group A quietly got on with the job, group B sounded like the circus was coming to town – too much talk, yelling, and too many opinions, boys! As much as group A were cleanly riding together, group B smashed themselves to pieces, with Isaac going off on a solo hero's quest 8 laps in. Needless to say, group A won, while parts of group B were distributed all over the track. Whew... definitely more thinking about who they were riding with (abilities), and how they were going to ride the race tactically was needed. There is always next time!

Last groups were a big and small mixed group – with special guests Lizanne and Tom Bolton. Group A was Christian, Lizanne, Taku, Rosie; and Group B was Ruby, Sarah, Xavier, and Tom B. These guys rode a strong race. Considering Christian was riding his second round immediately after his last race, he did very well, but tired towards the end. Taku inexplicably ignored the suggestion from the rest of his group to let Christian drop and continued to ride with him to the end. Tom's group rode to glory, carrying all members to the finish. Xavier put in a massive effort and finished comfortably with the rest of his team. Well done!

Just to be painfully, and obviously, clear – all the teams that lost the pursuits didn't work together very well, even though they may have had fast riders and should have theoretically been able to power home. On the other hand, some very good teamwork on display amongst the teams that came over the line together. I'm sure there was something in Harry Potter about that. Co-operationosus? Everyone gets top marks for enthusiasm, though.

We had enough time for a warm down, and wrapped it up after that.

Thanks all for your efforts, special thanks to Lizanne, as well as Tom B and Chris H.


Upcoming Event’s - Colin's notes:

RAW, Race all winter, is on this Friday for the next 6 weeks. Open to all second year U13’s and above.
Warm up starts at 6:30, with the first race at 7:05.

National Junior Track Series, CA announced the dates, see http://www.cycling.org.au/?ID=50410. The first round is in Sydney on the 12-13 Oct. and is open to U15 and U17’s. this year we should be able to put together a full team of 6, any leftovers I can arrange to ride with another combined team. I’d like to know the interest in completing in Sydney and if any who are interested in the other round in Melbourne (Nov 23-24), Launceston (Dec 6-7) and Adelaide (Jan 17-18).
I will be away for a month returning on the 12 Oct, I’ll miss the first day, so I/we need to get a move on so I can forward on details.

I had some interest and we should be able to have lots of riders for the Sydney event and some for the others.

Road stuff
For those interested in some road racing, Southern Cross CC hold Junior races every Sunday at Waratah Park, Rawson Ave Sutherland. Sign on from 8:30 am

Junior Track Captains
It that time of year again, nominations are now open for the DHBC 2013 Junior Track male and female Captains. These positions are open to any Junior Members with leadership qualities who are willing to help fellow riders get the most from their track cycling whether racing or training for fun, and who can lead by example. We'll be sending letters to their School Principals to acknowledge their election

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