DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 29 May 2013

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Postby colin » 31 May 2013, 16:31

Hi All,

Not rain this week so the numbers were back to 23, from the 5 for last week’s trainer session due to rain. Yes, training is on when it rains.

After individual warm up’s, it was Pacelines for each group. 25 laps for group C, 15 for group B and 10 for group A. All were on the track at the same time and it only got congested 1 or 2 times but everyone worked safely and the drill progress without incident.

This week Group C were on the trainers, thanks to Justin for running the short a pyramid session, keeping the group busy for 20mins plus.

First on the track was group B doing 500’s, split into two groups. Darani, Caitlin and Hugo. And Adrien, Isaac and Luke. Everyone got a turn at leading out the others in their group and all looked to enjoy this drill, especially the boys wanting to go again! Just no trying hard enough!

Next Group A and Whistle Sprints. After some confusion and over enthusiasm, all got into the drill performed the sprints as instructed.

Next, Scratch Races for each group. First Group B with 5 laps, Caitlin on the back straight and Darani on the 2nd corner, Adrien, Isaac and Luke starting on the home straight. The race started and Darani court Caitlin on the 4th corner, the two worked together to stay away from the chasing boys. Adrien made a break and lead Isaac, Luke and Hugo as they chased the girls. On the 3th lap Darani pulled away from Catlin, shortly after Adrien also passed so into Second place. Isaac stayed on the front of the chasing group leading Luke and Hugo. Adrien tried but could not catch Darani as she speed up on the back straight they come in first, Adrien Second and Caitlin stay in front of Isaac, Luke and Hugo, crossing the line in that order. Next time Darani won’t get the same handicap.
Second were group A with 3 laps, all starting on the home straight. Great work from all with Eden first, Will 10 m behind \, then Xavier who put in some good speed to break away from Claude and Christian. Claude third Christian forth followed by Juliette and Oliver.
The last Scratch were group C with 8 laps after great debate on the length of the race. Francis lead for 6 laps or was it that everyone let Francis lead for 6 laps? With 2 laps to go Zanzi Sarah and Tess started to pull away. As the speed increased the others dropped off the paceline. Zanzi and Sarah crossed the line for the bell with Tess not far behind. Zanzi put the foot down getting the better of Sarah, Tess trying but not able to catch Sarah. Zanzi crossed the line first followed by Sarah then Tess, Francis Ruby Alison the Rosie.

Great racing by all with some very good tactics employed.

To finish the session it was everyone with 5 laps warm down.

Upcoming Event’s

This Saturday “Women’s Track” is on again from 3pm to 5pm

RAW, “Race All Winter”, is coming in July. On Friday nights starting @ 7pm at Dunc Gray open to second year U13’s(U15’s next session) and above. There will also be Junior Development nights for the younger rider before the main event on some but not all nights. When we have more details I’ll pass them on.

This Week’s Session

All - Warm up and Paceline drills
Group B rollers
Group C and A alternating between warm up and track
All - warm down/racing

House Keeping

Can we please put away your bikes and trainer after the session

This/last week’s birthday’s go to Adam, hoping you had a great day and we miss you at training.

Thanks to Lizanne, James and Justin

‘til next Wednesday


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