DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 17 April 2013

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Postby colin » 19 Apr 2013, 16:21

Hi All,

Lizanne’s report from Wednesday Night.

It was me and Michelle running stuff. we had 1 new kid, Liam(a speed skater), and a second timer I want to say Ian, it's similar not not quite. (Justin is his dad) so Michelle was helping those guys.

The session started with a 15 lap paceline. 2 groups, with the count going off the fast bunch.

then group A went to the trainers for a sprint followed by heart rates with Alex, leaving everyone else with me. i organized the group into 5 groups of 3 or 4 to do lead outs. each group did 2 leadouts.

everyone then came down for the italian. the two groups were very close all the way, in both speed and orginization. the lines were streight and tight. with the only talking i heard was either encouragement or a bit of ease up for tyhe person on the front. It was good communication. The race was determined in the final riders with Tom having a bit more final speed than Alison. but a good effort all round with lots of red faces. 2 laps on the front is hard.

finally i have then 5 min to roll around the track to coll down.

Things to remember,
• a warm up paceline is for warming up. you don't need to sprint when you get to the front, just keep it smooth and at 70-80%
• pass on the outside in a leadout. always pass on the outside. even if you feel boxed. leadouts are faster than most races, and because it's still a training drill you must always pass on the outside.
• When you're on the front of an italian you need to listen for commands like ease up, or go faster. then whoever is behind need to communicate when the bunch is on, or to 'hold' when the speed is perfect. There was lots of good communication, and we're now getting into the fine tuning of an italian.

Sorry I didn't record any stats. it was crazy.


There is a strong field of DHBC jr's entered in the ANZAC carnival. I can't wait! it's going to be a great day.
Entries close on Sunday

Good Luck and best wishes to Adam and his family- Adam had his last training session at Tempe. He will be going back to Ireland, and will be greatly missed. Best wishes on all your future riding.


Upcoming Events

I think tomorrow there is another “Women’s Track” session so girls come on down between 3-5pm

End of Track Season BBQ, Wednesday 1st May. Just over 2 weeks to go. Come and celebrate, I’ll supply the sausages, buns/ rolls, and drinks. Please bring a plate to share.

Lizanne mentioned the ANZAC carnival. What a great turnout we are going to have. The weather report at this stage looks good, 21 and sunny.

Next week’s session

All - Warm up and Paceline drills
Group B rollers
Group C and A alternating between warm up and track
All - warm down


This week’s Birthday goes to Francis. Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day.

Thanks to Lizanne and Michelle

‘til next week


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