DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 10 April 2013

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Postby colin » 12 Apr 2013, 15:26

Hi All,

Again another quick one before I run away for the weekend.

Last week

Thanks to Alex last week for calling the times as Lizanne, Caitlin, Christian and I had a trainer/rollers session in the rainy weather.
Just a reminder to all that training is on even if it’s wet.

This week

After a slow start, the individual warm up was longer than usual, and everyone seemed a bit confused, keep riding till I tell you to stop. Get as many laps in as possible!
Paceline drill with each group.

It was group C’s turn on the trainers, thanks Simon for putting the guys through their paces.

James ran group A through their 2 lap time trail while I took group B on a MotorPace, starting with 10 laps at 28Kph.

For the 2 lap TT’s Xavier was faster by 10 secs and Christian by 4. Great time by all everyone is improving in leaps and bounds

Next Kiren for each group.
Some great close racing as everyone put in 110%. See attached for details.

Upcoming events

The ANZAC day track carnival in Bowral. On ANZAC day, 25th April, starting 2:30pm. U9’s and up, entries close 7th April. Bowral’s a little bit further that Lidcombe but hopefully we can get another great team together and have a fun day out, cheering for each other. So far the entrants are Will, Caitlin, Luke and Sarah, Mia, Tess and Alison.

Tomorrow is another “Women’s Track” session so girls come on down between 3-5pm

End of Track Season BBQ, Wednesday 1st May. Just over 3 weeks to go. Come and celebrate, I’ll supply the sausages, buns/ rolls, and drinks. Please bring a plate to share.

Next week’s session

All - Warm up and Paceline drills
Group A rollers
Group C and B alternating between warm up and track
All - warm down


This week’s Birthday goes to Christian, Happy Birthday

Thanks to Lizanne, James, Simon, Alex, Stuart, Con, Peter, and all the list is getting larger each week.

‘Til next week


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Postby Lizanne » 12 Apr 2013, 15:42


entries close April 21st for the ANZAC carnival.
so everyone has heaps of time to enter/upgrade to a race licence.
so far there are 26 munchkins in the junior ranks from U9 to U17. it looks like a good field.
Bowral is a wonderful track, newly re-surfaced. it has a banking in between tempe and lidcombe. The Club out there is also really friendly, making it a really nice day out in the country.

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