DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 06 March 2013

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Postby colin » 08 Mar 2013, 15:41

Hi All,

Another great night to rider, not a cloud in the sky and not too hot, with little wind.

We had 25 riders, welcome back to Louis and Hugo. And welcome to Oliver and Georgia, two new members

We were short on the small/mid bikes so James worked with Hugo, Oliver, Georgia and Louis sharing a bike for the session.

First up, after the individual warm up, was the Paceline Drill. This week we had 3 small groups with 2 groups on the track at a time.

This week was Group A’s turn on the trainers. Again, thanks to Simon for running this.

On the main track, the first drill was catch the bunch. Lizanne and I lead a group and each rider sprinted to the group in front as we passed the pursuit start line on each side of the track.

Next, a 4 lap scratch race with Tess, Zanzi, Francis, Alison and Sarah. This was an interesting one with everyone playing a bit of cat and mouse for the first two laps. Then Zanzi pulled away and was ¾ of a lap in front with the others accelerating to catch up. Zanzi started to slow but was ahead enough to not be caught, crossing the line first. Francis was next just holding off Sarah, then Alison and Tess.

Next 2 lap Derby. The first race with Isaac, Toby, Adrien and Adam. Adrien and Adam were ahead from the start. Adrian, on his new bike, started to pulled away from Adam on the back straight of the second lap. Adrien cross the line fist followed by Adam, Isaac and Toby. The Second Derby was an all-girl event with Rosie, Caitlin and Darani. Darani and Caitlin lead the first lap as Rosie wound up. Caitlin ran out of puff on the back straight of the second lap as Rosie accelerated past her. Darani crossed the line first, Rosie second followed by Caitlin. The 3rd Derby saw Zanzi, Francis, Alison and Sarah. Zanzi pulled away from the get go, leaving the others to chase. Zanzi first, followed by Francis, Sarah and Alison. The last Derby saw Isaac, Adrien, Tess and Toby. This was a close one between Adrien and Tess. Adrien first, then Tess, Isaac and Toby.

Groups A had were ready to get back onto the track so we finished the session with an Italian pursuit, on the back straight were Francis, Alison, Tess, Adam, Christian, Zanzi, Caitlin, Rory and Louie. On the front straight were, Juliette, Xavier, Rosie, Isaac, Toby, Adrien, Sarah, Francis and myself. As I was riding I can’t give a commentary of the race per say but the team I was with rode very well together. Sarah pulled out with four lap to go, a sore neck, so I did two laps to cover the shortage. Great work by all.

Again everyone look exhausted as the seniors were entering the track.

Upcoming events

This Saturday, come rain or shine we have the “Women’s Track”. Girls, come on down. This is on from 3-5pm. See for more details. Unfortunately I won’t be able to help out this week.

The ANZAC day track carnival in Bowral. On ANZAC day, 25th April, starting 2:30pm. U9’s and up, entries close 7th April. Bowral’s a little bit further that Lidcombe but hopefully we can get another great team together and have a fun day out, cheering for each other.

Next week’s session

All - Warm up and Paceline drills
Group C rollers
Group A and B alternating between warm up and track
All - warm down


This week’s birthday goes to Tess, have a great day.

Can I ask everyone please to bring their riders licence for verification next week.

Thanks to Lizanne, Stuart, Simon and James

‘til Wednesday


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Postby Dougie » 08 Mar 2013, 16:55

Will is registered for Bowral!

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