Buying a stem for track bike - how to know the correct size

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Jenny and Bob W
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Postby Jenny and Bob W » 04 Mar 2015, 00:01

I need to by a new 120mm stem for Tess' track bike, she has grown again, but thankfully not enough for a new bike yet. I don't understand what all the numbers/codes on the stem are to know what to buy.

The current stem has 4 numbers or codes:

5-6N.m on one side and 025.4 on the other at the handlebar end
8-9N.m on one side and RD362 80mm7 on the other at the steerer end, I'm not sure if that is the correct terminology, but the other end to the handlebars.

I gather the 80mm is the length and the 025.4 is the clamp diameter of the handlebar because the spare stems we have from old handlebars are 038.1 and are too big.

Is there a trick to searching for these on line?


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Postby jcaley » 04 Mar 2015, 12:53

5-6N.m relates to the torque for tightening the bolts

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